Last week we showed you a concept video by Jan-Michael Cart of how speech recognition might work on iOS 5. Although it is just a concept developed by a person not related to Apple, it’s still interesting to see how things might work one day on the iPhone. Jan-Michael is back at it this week with a concept video of how multitasking and app switching might work on iOS 5.

Even though Apple made a huge step forward with iOS 4 and the introduction of multitasking, there is still some room for improvement, and this video is the proof of it…

Personally, I would definitely be excited to see this on my iPhone. What about you?

  • Alex

    Great idea, but their goes voice control… Not that we need it anyway 🙂

  • William

    Stupid noobs…

  • Burge

    If apple don’t do somthing like this ( they should ) there is going to be a great tweak coming to cydia ..

    • QuarterSwede

      Pretty much what I was thinking. Same goes for Notifications. MobileNotifier (beta 4) is unbelievably better than iOS’s current implementation. It’s finally made them useable for me.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i hate the home buttong on my iphone
    i dont asay this anywhere cause im a apple slave

    but it just drives me mad
    . i never get what i want
    i have to atleast try like 3 time

    • Scoodiv

      Use Activator
      I almost stopped using home button
      Instead I swipe the status bar down!!

      I press and hold for switcher

  • AMB

    Jailbreak app to the rescue?

  • BradleyD1971

    It’s a fail of epic proportions if switching apps would require two hands.

    Maybe pressing the home button to expose an area of the screen where Palm Pre/Pixi style app switching gestures could be used, but any idea requiring two handed use is not going to cut it.

    • Yellow

      Hold home button with thumb and swipe with index finger?

      • Selcuk

        @BradleyD1971: I agree with you completely, using two hands to switch between apps is ridiculous.

      • BradleyD1971

        That works only if the phone is laying flat on a desk or other surface; so it works maybe 30% of the time (if that, probably less) for most people?

        If the phone isn’t laying flat on a surface, it would take some world class finger contortions to pull off holding the phone, pressing the home button and making a swiping gesture on the screen with only one hand. Go ahead and try it and you’ll see that it isn’t feasible.

  • Mmmm

    I love the multiple touch features but I don’t think holding the home button while swiping would be the way to go. Just think of how uncomfortable that would be. Maybe to initiate a multitouch feature you could pinch the screen or something.

    Just a brainstorm. What you guys think?

    • Chris

      Sounds good but you might as well just hold the home button and swipe… You still will need one hand to hold the phone and you will still need the other to pinch the screen, what’s so different about tour idea…

      • Mmmm

        basically now instead of constantly having to apply pressure to the home button a simple pi ch would suffice.

        True that it wouldn’t solve the two handed initiation however you could continue to use the switcher with one figure after.

        another solution could be just to have a short hold on the home button to initiate the switcher instead of having to hold it throughout.

      • BradleyD1971

        It doesn’t need to be multi-touch.

        Double tap home to bring up the switcher, then swipe left/right/up with your thumb like you would on the Palm Pre/Pixi. All of that can be done with one hand.

    • Chris

      I dig the hold home button more…

    • Chand

      Hell yeah totally agreeing with you dude. I keep looking round for the ‘pinch’ multi-tasking but no one seems to even think of that.

  • Eric

    Lame. 2 finger swipe left or right without holding the home button would be better. Instead of that tray for a double tap the entire screen should be recents to pick from instead of swiping through the tray. That would be better IMO. 20 to pick from after a double tap.

  • Natty

    It would be a disappointment if a crucial feature like this one required two fingers, let alone two hands. I need to be able to do it with my thumb, a la the “recently opened” function that can be brought up by double-clicking the home button.

    • QuarterSwede

      And that’s most likely why Apple went with the home button double click.

  • The results were pretty astonishing!

  • Eddie

    Apple needs to learn from the jailbreak community …just get Multiflow…better app switcher….like Palm pre or expose style…

  • but you need both hands to switch an app and thats very annoying…

  • SpideyRules

    Really, those of you who are complaining about “2 hands required” are being a bunch of babies. It’s not difficult one bit, and certainly doesn’t need to be laying flat on a table. You’re bing whiny.

    How about suggesting, “Hey developer. If you add more options or different ways to accomplish this, it would probably please more people.”

    No one method is going to please everyone all the time, so stop bitching about every method available to do this!

  • Érico

    really bad… next one please!

  • Chand

    Be better if it was pinch style like the HTC. Apple should of thought of that ages ago as they already use it in the iPad. Why not bring it to the iPhone??