A new report from This is my next reveals some interesting rumors about the iPhone 5. According to Joshua Topolsky (the former editor-in-chief of Engadget), the iPhone 5 will in fact be a significant redesign of the current iPhone 4.

Topolsky doesn’t cite specific sources, but he claims that the iPhone 5 will have a design very similar to that of the fourth-generation iPod touch. Engadget originally said that the iPhone 5 would be a major evolution of the iPhone 4, and this report from This is my next corroborates that claim.

This is my next produced the above mockup to visualize what Topolsky and others are hearing about the iPhone 5. The image is not a factual representation, but an educated guess based on what has been divulged to Topolsky and team.

Overall, the design of the next iPhone is supposed to resemble a “teardrop” shape, similar to that of the MacBook Air. The device will be thinner with a 3.7 inch screen and look “more like the iPod touch than the iPhone 4.”

The prototypes that Apple is supposedly testing have a redesigned home button with gesture integration. We’ve already heard a rumor that the next iPhone will not have a home button, but this hybrid solution makes more sense.

“In a sketch supplied to us by a source (on which the image above is based), the home button is doing double duty as a gesture area; this falls in line with testing we’ve seen for gestures on the iPad, and our sources say that gestures are definitely coming in a future version of iOS. The home button will likely be enlarged, but not scrapped altogether.”

This is my next claims that the iPhone 5’s screen will “occupy the entire (or near to it) front of the phone, meaning almost no bezel.” An edge-to-edge screen has also been reported from another source, so This is my next’s claim doesn’t totally come out of nowhere.

If the screen size does increase, Topolsky points out that Apple could stay within the “retina display” expectations by keeping the resolution to 312dpi.

Topolsky’s report also makes some claims about NFC and inductive charging, but those statements are based out of total speculation.

“While the art we’ve seen shows some form of inductive or touch charging, our sources can’t confirm whether or not Apple’s working on its own version of cable-free juicing. There’s also a “swipe area” shown in the drawing which appears to be on the bottom and / or top of the device — that could very well be an NFC point, but that’s pure speculation on our part.”

This is my next clarifies that this report is not based off confirmed fact,

“Now, keep in mind that this info isn’t fact — we’re getting lots of threads from lots of places and trying to make sense of the noise. The versions of devices our sources are seeing could be design prototypes and not production-ready phones. Still, there are strong indications that Apple will surprise a public that’s expecting a bump more along the lines of the 3G to 3GS — and this is some insight into where those designs might be headed.”

The team at This is my next has a good track record, and Joshua Topolsky isn’t one to just blow smoke. Although this information could very well be based off prototype units that never see the light of day, it’s interesting to see the possibilities that exist for the iPhone 5.

The most intriguing part of this report is the gesture-sensitive home button. It seems like a pretty original idea, and it wouldn’t be past Apple to morph the current home button into a more touch-interactive experience. Altering the home button with gestures could be part of the plan to abandon the home button entirely in a future generation of the iPhone.

What do you think? Do you think we’ll see this design and feature set in the iPhone 5?

  • Tomuky


  • Bytenapple

    Agreed. Sick.

  • Mkks

    Too unproportional. Will be hard to play accelerometer-based games

    • Binary-Stalker


  • iPhoneTech3

    No… Please Apple, don’t kill the phone.

  • konvikt

    This is ugly

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Doesn’t matter, Apple fans (and there are lots of them) will still buy it.

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  • Kel

    That side view has been floating around since before the 3GS was released. It looks ridiculous and the fact that a reputable news source is showing it as a possibility for the next iPhone is even more so.

  • MrA

    Macrumors posted this the other day and then updated the article and said, “Update: We’ve received a tip (that we believe is reliable) that this redesigned iPhone 5 report is untrue.”

    I agree with them I think iPhone 5 will look like iPhone 4, but an edge to edge touchscreen does sound nice!

  • Ivan Firestone

    That desing will make me stay With old iPhone 4…. This is really ugly out of proportion.

  • Ivan Firestone

    That desing will make me stay With old iPhone 4.This is really ugly and out of proportion.

  • matty

    of this concept, the edge to edge seems reasonable. (anyone seen samsungs EDGE TO EDGE display with a small bezel) they look awesome but as a touch device it could leave less room to leave your fingers.

    the gesture thing is almost like a trackpad on a blackberry or on some android phones… gestures is a new thing and would certainly be used for something other than the normal gesture on the touch screen.

    something to do with multi-tasking?

  • This is faker than Pamela andersons boobs

    It’s an unconventional design and impractical in my view

    If apple did go with this it’s bye bye apple hello android galaxy tab

    • But her boobs aren’t fake!

  • This is faker than Pamela andersons implants

    It’s an unconventional design and impractical in my view

    If apple did go with this it’s bye bye apple hello android galaxy tab

  • This is faker than Pamela andersons implants
    It’s an unconventional design and impractical in my view

    If apple did go with this it’s bye bye apple hello android galaxy tab

  • Spencer

    I would never buy that….ever

  • iphoneuser16

    looking at that i rather buy the white iPhone 4 and wait for iPhone 6

  • anon

    i dont see how the next duo core processor and the battery will even fit this thing.

    the design may have somewhat a teardrop shape, but definitely not thinner than the current ipod touch. maybe slimmer than the iphone 4.

    an edge to edge screen may not be such a good idea as it is way more prone to damage when dropped. also i find it hard enough on the iphone 4 that when holdiing with one hand i can’t reach out with my thumb and press an icon or link or anything without the side of my palm touching something else on the screen first, edge to edge screen will just make it worse.

  • A.Ghani

    Looks like shit i hope iphone 5 is nothibg like that

  • Footix

    We better wait for leaks. We’ll understand it even better

  • Candice

    Why would we want an iPhone that looks more like a iPod?????? Apple please don’t kill the iPhone!!!!

  • Vladimir Cherkasov

    hello, i am Vova, I from Russia. I want buy iphone 4 white, but know about iphone 5. Are you think?

  • Hey Gerald, you’re right on with your blurb. I have owned a 3gs, 4, and an ipad. The ipad was simply a terd. I gave it to my wifes son for game play as it’s not much good for anything else than game playing and picture viewing. Graduated to the iphone 4 and wasn’t at all impressed. I ended up smashing it against the pavement whereby relinquishing myself of all the stress and strife the iphone 4′s quirks and hang-ups caused me. No regrets! Needed more screen, more power, more versetility, more compatibility with other devices and applications namely flash drivers. I’ve bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab and an HTC which has a 4.3″ screen, an 8mp front camera, and full internet compatability. HTC ROCKS!! Apple BLOWS!!