Ryan Petrich has released a new jailbreak utility in Cydia called untrackerd. This utility blocks iOS from saving the secretly logged location data that the iPhone stores in a system file.

In case you didn’t know, some researchers recently discovered that the iPhone records and saves your location coordinates without your permission. The location data is then stored to a system-level file that is then copied over to iTunes on sync.

Less than 24 hours after this discovery, famed jailbreak developer, Ryan Petrich, released a free Cydia utility to combat Apple’s logging of your iPhone’s coordinates. Although it’s unclear as to how these saved coordinates can be used by carriers or Apple, anyone with the right tools is able to view exactly where your iPhone has been.

untrackerd’s description,

“Continuously clean up locationd’s history data in the background

This package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean consolidated.db file. No new icons are added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure.”

This utility is another example of the reactive power that the jailbreak community offers. A big thanks to Ryan and the other devs for continuing to give us control over our own device’s.

To install untrackerd, just look for it in Cydia.


  • Sascha

    As I asked in the other thread: Where is the file located on my phone? I’d like to verify that untrackerd really deletes it.


  • William

    First. Will be getting this.

    • Sascha

      FAIL 😀

    • khAliFah


  • AMB

    Never been so proud to have jailbroken my phone, thanks Ryan Petrich!

  • fojam

    will this mess with the location framework? like when an app like google maps needs to locate you?

    • No it will not. It only affects the .db file that stores your coordinates. GPS will not be affected.

      • Actually, if he’s cleaning out all the coordinates, then this will break background location tracking for apps that use it. That would be some driving apps and Latitude, among others.

        The location database is basically just storing your cell-tower location every few minutes. The Location API then is able to use that data to provide ongoing location information to background applications that request it.

        The problem is really just that the location database doesn’t get cleaned out very often. If this app keeps the last few locations, then it’s not really a problem. But it depends on how he implemented it.

  • Burge

    This got put on my phone first thing this morning ..screw you crapple and thanks Rayn

  • Peter Jansen

    Installed it, but how do I delete this file already stored on my WinPC. I know how to do it if I had a MAC, which I don’t :/

    • Good question, Peter. I’m not sure that there is an easy way at the current moment. If your iPhone backups are encrypted in iTunes, you’re safe. If you are really concerned, you can delete the iTunes backups you’ve made of your iPhone. That will remove all traces of the file from your computer.

  • Iphoneeeeyyy

    Is it still possible to sync my iphone without any worries? Or should i avoid doing so?

    • Keelan

      yes you can still sync without any worries

  • Batbywun

    Well done Ryan at least now Apple can duck in shame to think that someone with half a brain wouldn’t have figured this out! Suck balls Apple Jailbreakers will always RULE!!!!

  • Aaronieru

    “A daemon (process that can run in the background)? Does this mean it takes up RAM?

    • Keelan

      you wont even know its there

  • This is unnecessary. Read this article by someone who actually knows what they are talking about when it comes to iOS location data: https://alexlevinson.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/3-major-issues-with-the-latest-iphone-tracking-discovery/

    • appletiser

      most informative, thank you. looks like just another knee jerk reaction to seemingly scaremongering by a couple of researchers trying to make a name for themselves.

    • DomPerignon

      Excellent article. This “untrackerd” daemon is unnecessary and it seems to be a battery drainer.

  • azharhamzahya

    Installed it

  • appletiser

    hands up who remembers iDB promoting planetbeing’s Signal tweak http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2010/08/03/signal/ ? a tweak which also recorded cell towers and overlayed them onto a map and (once you’ve built up a bit of history with it) looks very similar to the results that iPhoneTracker displays.

    put simply the scares surrounding this recent case of ‘covert’ location recording by mass-hysteria inducing blog threads is actually nothing we’ve not heard about already before. location data has been used by tweaks like signal and has been actively promoted by blogs spreading the current hysteria. if they are that concerned about it now should they not have mentioned the potential ‘hazards’ before?

  • Juan

    careful, this daemon seems to cripple AppStore updates.

  • Juan

    of course, if the update server is still having issues, my comment is moot.

  • EgoHot4life

    I installed this earlier today, full charge, and it completely drained my i4 battery. I normally can get two days out of a full charge. I deleted this and now recharging my i4 🙁

  • EgoHot4life

    I installed this earlier today, full charge, and it completely drained my i4 battery. I normally can get two days out of a full charge. I deleted this and now recharging my i4

  • v
  • Elnino

    This think you can install only on jailbroken device, and apple will know, when your device is stopped tracked you. So apple can in this way know, that you have jailbroken device.

    • Sascha

      Even if so… so what? :-))))

    • Tsiv

      Seriously! Just stop it!

  • peter jansen

    Eh…. stop what exactly? Seriously….

  • Saif

    Installed and nothing changed in my battery life cycle, it’s like a breeze!

  • Jul

    Checkout ZeroTracks.com 2 free apps for removing and blocking tracking data. Works with the latest iOS 4.3.3 and older.

  • Ryan

    So…..Has anyone looked at untrackerd? It claims one thing but I want to make sure that it does what it is supposed to. What if Ryan got a load of money from Apple, just to make us think it is deleting the list. Instead it hides it to where we don’t even know………just thinking. It is not like Apple does not know about his endeavors. Tho Ryan you are the man, and we all thank you for all the help and soft you worked on and the time you committed to all of this. But money talks in this world, and we all need money. To some the more the better. Let this message not discourage you, keep up the good work. We just want to make sure you are who you say you are…..

  • peter jansen

    Jeez, what an idiot! And it took him some 150 days to cook this up…..-:/