It’s no secret that Apple sees their iPhone and iPod touch products as gaming devices. Their unique combination of power and portability make them serious contenders in the handheld gaming market. But if you remember back to last fall, major console heavy weight Sony took some shots at Apple in a marketing campaign.

The popular TV ad referred to an iPhone-like device as “not built for big boy games.” Well it looks as though Apple is planning something for the gaming community to put some points back up on the board. MCV, an overseas gaming site, reported yesterday that Apple has hired 2 high profile PR executives from the gaming community

Earlier this week, after 7 years with Nintendo, PR and communications boss Rob Saunders mysteriously announced his departure from the console maker. Saunders had seen Nintendo UK through both DS and Wii launches in his tenure, so his abrupt farewell had folks scratching their heads. But his exit started to make perfect sense after reports came out yesterday that he has accepted a job with Apple to help with iPhone, iPod, and iPad app PR.

The gaming site goes on to say that Saunders isn’t the only gaming exec. on their way to Cupertino. Apparently Nick Grange of Activision is also coming stateside. Nick has had a solid career in the games market. The article notes he has done work with Electronic Arts and Microsoft, but he is currently the European PR director for Activision.

Grange’s focus is to be on iPad hardware. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple is building up to here. Maybe they are just looking to raise brand awareness in the game market. I’m hoping they’ve got something big up there sleeves for the gaming community. Think Apple TV2 App Store with games that are compatible with iDevices through AirPlay.

What do you think? Also 10 points to anyone who can name the console pictured above.

  • Pam

    I spoke to Raph Koster briefly not long ago about where he sees gaming going in the future. Funny that this is pretty much what he suspected. He also said that he sees games using things such as the Location feature and GPS to adjust the gaming accordingly. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes

  • Darrin

    It’s a pippin. Made by apple and bandai I believe in the mid 90s.

    • Darrin

      I want my points! Lol jk

    • Footix

      The worst console ever made in 1996

  • Shady Azer

    The Name is “Apple Bandai Pippin”

  • interesting 🙂

    im not trying to tout my you tube channel here
    but i made a you tube video back last year
    16th of November for future possible apple products

    wow im starting to think my prediction might be correct
    apple entering the console market and to be honest its about time

    if this gets deleted or not posted that’s fine and i know why

    peace out

  • I can’t believe you just posted a Pippin… Haha. Apple wants to forget about that.

  • Ya… Apple devices won’t work as dedicated consoles. The only reason games work on the iPod, for example, is convenience; if someone has to buy a device separately for games, that convenience gets thrown out the window. For that to work you need brand awareness, trust within consumers (*cough pippin cough*), and major software support. Sony has the first and the last, but with the N-Gage’s failure (at least in the US) they’ve lost the middle point. Apple would have a hard time getting the last one, and they don’t have the first or second. And sorry if that was confusing, I practically confused myself here. -_-

  • Leo

    I think they would do very fine just by exploiting the iphone and ipad gamming capabilities in further versions with better hardware, of course it’s not and easy job but since apps are starting to look the same (games) they might have to…
    One idea would be to play games by wifi using our pc or mac hardware.. like cloud gamming that would by nice 😛