Sony Fires a Shot at the iPhone Gaming Ability

It seems as if someone at Sony feels threatened by the iPhone and its ability as a gaming device. I’m not sure why since it’s quite obvious that the device isn’t the first toy you think of when you hear about “serious gaming”.

Nevertheless Sony has released a PSP commercial taking shots at what is obviously supposed to be an iPhone game. Kevin Butler (whose supposed iPhone has a game titled ‘Lame Castle’ on its screen) and young Marcus Rivers are featured in what is actually a pretty funny clip. Rivers tells Butler  that his phone is for “texting your grandma and calling your girl” and that it can’t handle “big boy games”.

Engadget has the full video that informs us that the PSP has games as low as $9.99. It’s an amusing little clip but why Sony feels the need to compare its PSP to the iPhone games is a bit bewildering.

I don’t know about you but when I play a game on my iPhone, it is usually to just pass time here and there. Never have I considered it to be a gamer’s device of choice. Is this just friendly banter from Sony or a bit of desperation? Give us your opinion in the comments right after you text your grandma.