Oh auto correct, how we all do loathe thee.

A couple of months ago I walked you through a jailbreak tweak entitled ManualCorrect — a tweak that aimed to tame the iPhone’s native auto correct and make it functional.

The tweak was met by rave reviews by yours truly, and even garnered a few votes on Nick’s Top Five Jailbreak Apps post.

Now a new version of the tweak — ManualCorrect Pro — has been unveiled that seeks to further subdue the iPhone’s nefarious auto correction; but is it worth paying for?

In the free version of the tweak, there were no options to configure in the Settings.app. The Pro version on the other hand, allows you to configure several options to finely tune your correction preferences.

There’s an overall kill switch to enable or disable a tweak; automatic brownie points in my book, and there are options to correct casing and punctuation.

The biggest new feature that ManualCorrect Pro offers over its predecessor is the option to add your own manual corrections.

This means that whenever I type the words “Playbook” I can auto correct it into “Lame.” Blackberry connoisseurs can do the math on that one.

Having the ability to add your own manual corrections caters to power users, and those of you who’s fingers get a lot of mileage on the iPhone’s keyboard will be indebted to the developer for this handy option.

The one thing I noticed that I didn’t particularly like about the manual corrections is that you can’t add phrases, but that might be something that will see the light of day with a future update.

As it stands, the original ManualCorrect was already an extremely competent alternative to the anger inducing iPhone auto correct; the Pro version is just the icing on the cake.

Is it worth a dollar? Certainly, especially if you do a lot of typing on your iPhone. The developer even tossed in a handy SBSettings toggle to quickly enable and disable the tweak.

ManualCorrect Pro is available for $0.99 on Cydia for those of you with jailbroken iPhones.

Have you tried it out yet? What do you think?

  • Andy

    Oh my gosh, I’m going to download this right now!

  • AppleBits

    I’m totally getting this. I love the free version, but these options will be that icing you mentioned! Sweet!

    • Nick4G

      you can get the cracked version by adding this repo (ihacksrepo.com)

      • Smitty

        It’s only 99 cents… just sayin.

  • Doug

    You’d be nuts to disable auto correct. You’re a young girl or asian w incredible precision hitting the virtual keyboard. I miss about one letter in every word and the phone almost always puts in what I meant. It would take me forever to go back and fix each one.

    I think this is a dumb tweak and one that actually takes one of the best functions away from the phone.The only issue I have w auto correct is in search engines or log in fields

    And it might just be me but I’m pretty sure my phone already had settings to disable this by default.


    • Smitty

      I believe you are in the monority if on occasion you haven’t been frustrated or embarrassed from an auto-correct mishap. It’s not that the auto correct feature is hated, it’s that Apple auto-corrects with the most rediculous, out of place words, and it doesn’t have a learn capability. That’s where Apple leaves off and Manaul Correct begins. Auto-correct is awesome if it picks the right word, but the genius’s at Apple haven’t put much effort into making sure that happens. For me, 99 out of 100 times the typo would have been far better and understandable than the auto-correct, which when used make no gramatic sense. I have used the free version of Manual Correct since it’s release and for only cents, I will definitely buy Pro.

  • Qlobster

    @Doug manual correct doesn’t disable the autocorrect it just gives you the option to ‘manual’ correct the misspelled words.
    You have to tap the suggestion to correct it AND it doesn’t give you the annoying space after each word
    Try to type ‘the’ or jus an ‘a’ it just makes you wanna scream out loud …
    This is the tweak i downloaded right after sbssetting this morning, can’t live without.

  • Dude

    Nice tweak!!

  • You have really nice Blog here and I am saving it in my favorite list. Keep posting similar stuff.

  • I see what you did there with the Playbook, Jeff. Nice.

  • Gorgonphone

    free one is fine for me…

  • Tony

    I bought the Pro version, and love it. My only request would be the ability to auto-replace multiple lines (like a multiple-line email signature). I currently use Xpandr for this, but don’t like it (too brute force…I like the ability to confirm a replacement). Hopefully, Aaron will consider this feature! Thanks!