The anticipated jailbreak tweak to rule them all, Springtomize, has gone live in Cydia and is now available for purchase. We showed you a detailed preview of this awesome tweak several days ago, and now you can install Springtomize and play with it yourself.

Most jailbreak tweaks focus on one specific aspect of iOS (whether it be the status bar, dock, icons, etc.). Springtomize aims at being the one-stop shop for your tweaking needs. As far as customization is concerned, Springtomize may very well be the king of jailbreak tweaks.

Official description,

“Springtomize is the only tweak you’ll ever need to customize your device, in all of its aspects: from its capabilities to the look of your SpringBoard. You can disable elements you don’t use or that may slow down your device performances, you can customize the look of your icons, the dock, the folders and the Status Bar, or even your Lockscreen. Springtomize also allows you to save your SpringBoard layout and to restore it later, without wasting time moving icons inside folders or to their original positions!

You can also customize various animations of your SpringBoard or add nice mods to current ones, like choosing the color of the screenshot flash or to dim your device screen like an old TV when locking! Finally, in the Theming section you can choose to apply a custom dock or a transparent one; you can also make your icons transparent and set the brightness of your wallpaper, without having to edit the image with other apps!”


Springtomize is available for $2.99 in Cydia. As you can tell from the screenshots, Springtomize not only adds, but also replaces functionality from multiple other jailbreak tweaks.

Let us know what you think of Springtomize. Does it exceed your expectations?

  • SillyBear

    Anyone know if it causes more battery drain? I try to limit the amount of jailbreak apps I use but this seems promising.

  • Mauricio

    You could put the others tweaks that this tweek are substituing.

  • Joel

    This app caused my phone some serious lag when it was on must take a lot of memory cause swiping between home screens (especially ones that had prepage HTML widgets) was painfully slow

    • Nad

      yeah same thing happened to me on my 3gs. removed it instantly 🙂

    • Erydan

      Same for me, I had to uninstall it.

  • Badass!!

  • Buff

    Shrink is still the way to go when you want to resize your icons. Springtomize is cool, so many options!

    • W@Nd3r

      is kinda ugly when only the icons r shrinked but not the folders…
      missed the days having categories with categoriessb on my 3.1.3..

      it would be great of someone can actually do something abt the ugly folders in ios4.
      let us theme it and shrink it!

  • Iphone

  • Marty

    Sorry I know this is not springtomize related question but I have serious problem.
    When I set my homescreen and lockscreen wallpaper the quality gets dramatically reduced, it sucks so much it made me use some ugly wallpapers. It only happens with some colors like green, red, blue… Is there a way to set the original HQ wallpaper as homescreen and lockscreen so the quality does not get reduced? Please help!

  • David

    Do I need to Uninstall the other tweaks that Springtomize replaces? or are they uninstalled automatically?

    • mg48

      The “old” tweaks are not removed automatically.

    • David

      Seems like a good idea to disable or unistall previous tweaks before installing this one. Although in a Tweet yesterday to the developer I asked this same question his answer follows.

      FilippoBiga Filippo Bigarella @firemanbones nope.

      firemanbones@FilippoBiga do I have to uninstall springboard tweaks before purchasing and installing springtomize? Thanks.

  • javierE186

    Not to ask to much or anything, but can we have a video demo or video walk-through. I ask because reordered my iPhone 4 since I lost/got robbed (as I said in other post, sorry for that) and I want to stack up on awesome tweaks so that once I get the puppy I’ll be off and running xD.

  • mg48

    I have been getting springboard crashes since installing Springtomize 1.0 I disabled tweaks I was replacing like no lockscreen, ect before removing them. Instatlled Springtomize and made my changes and did a resrping. Now about every hour my iphone 4 crashes to safe mode. Crash Report sows the offending app as “Springboard”.

  • ryan

    same as mg48, springtomize causing crash to safe mode.

  • Bilibara

    It is pretty good tools, but I don’t know how to create custom docks. Doesn’t provide any intruction to create custom theme

  • akag

    version 1.1 disables all the functionalities (like multitasking) as a DEFAULT setting. According to author fix has been submitted… not in cydia yet. 🙁

  • Icons are pixelated when I make my icons smaller, also not satisfied with the large folders. But overall I have better performance now that I use this one tweak as opposed to 5 to get the same affects. I kept Springtomize as my iPhone 4 is running smoother.

    • akag9

      So, Nick, whick five hacks did it replace. For me NoSpot. OldTv effect, what else?

    • akag9

      So, Nick, which five hacks did it replace. For me NoSpot. OldTv effect, what else?

      • Hoges64

        For me its replaced:
        Tv tube sleep
        And another that i cant think of right now. Could probably replace five icon dock too if i tried it.

        P.S my alarm clock notification is still showing in status bar despite numerous resprings and reboots. Dont think the dev has got this completely right yet.

  • Cameron

    This add-on fucking broke my iPod (sorry for the bad word) I now can’t open any applications! including the ones that came with my iPod! Help!

    • Cameron

      I put on no lock screen and then I couldn’t open anything and it looks like it is happening to a lot of people (plus I can’t restore my iPod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I really need HELP!!!!!!!!!! If no one helps I swear I will sue this company who made this add-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Filippo_Biga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u own me big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xcited

    Im using it. Works great on my 4.1 3gs. No lag and no crash. Didnt realize about memory problem but it kinda feel normal. (ver 1.1)

  • Akag9

    I really tried to use. ( iphone 4, 4.2.1). Crashed it big time. Removed. Will wait. Only replaced Nospot for me… Worked ok with infinidock.

  • Tony

    My apps will not open!!!! HELP!!!

  • james

    i installed this app and then wanted to see what happens wen yu disable the lockscreen and now it wont let me get in apps and it also is just blacking out my screen and doesnt let me do anything. I tried the hard resets of the fone nothing is working and i even tried to get on itunes to restore and i cnt even do that becuz i need to put in my passcode b4 being able to get into it with itunes …. my passcode screen does not come up wat so ever can some1 please help

  • Tony

    ^^^^ thats what happened to me

  • Fes

    I had to uninstall it also. My 3GS was lagging and crashing. It’s a good idea but it needs work.

  • Mattia

    i installed this app but it doesnt work anything. also if i press repring. this company needs to test the programs they do before selling it

  • Works great. Everyone complaining doens’t know what they are doing. Why would you disable lockscreen?

    • Cameron

      Well I myself am I programmer owning a company that will be opening soon and I am sure everyone who downloaded this did know what they where doing. I disabled my lockscreen just to see what it was like and it screwed up my iPod. It works like shit, slows down, crashes, I could go on. You try and disable your lockscreen and see what it does.

      • Hoges64

        Disabled lock screen on my iPhone 4. Worked no problems. Only flaw with that is if you dont have auto-lock on and you get an email, text etc the phone stays on the whole time.

  • panther89

    its look super ugly in the folder icon when i resize the icon!
    would it possible to make the folder icon remain the same??????????

  • please help, i put on hide knob on the lockscreen and i cannot unlock the ipad now cuz theres no knob to slide to unlock? what do i do