Patently Apple, a website well known for bringing Apple’s patents to the masses, has uncovered a good one. The photo above is from a patent filed late last year by Apple engineers Brian McKnight and Michael Neuman.

The documents describe methods for creating video ringtones in iOS. The technology would allow users to automatically use audio and video from iTunes and iMovie to create custom alerts for each incoming call…

Even though many patents don’t ever make their way into shipping products, this one may see light. With popular Cydia applications like MiVTones, already available to jailbreakers, Apple can’t be too far behind. These apps allow users to have video ringtones, but not create them.

What’s even more fascinating is that Apple’s patent goes into possible 3D content and multi layered animations. These layers can be independently animated based on different characteristics in the audio track. Think iTunes visualizer.

With Apple’s iPhone 5 rumored to contain dual core processors, all of this seems in the realm of possibility. But do we really need video ringtones? To be honest, I jailbreak and reset my phone so much that I’ve quit setting custom ringtones.

Is anyone excited about the possibility of video ringtones on your iPhone? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Jedoonat

    Maybe…, only if Apple takes note of what MiVtones has done so far.

    • I agree, and also if we can use already purchased videos to do this that would be great too.

  • Is It true? i am admitting this.

  • Eduardo

    What’s the point of a video ringtones? Sounds stupid

  • Blubber

    I still don’t See Why it wasn’ possible for Apple Till now….
    My almost 5-7 Year old Nokia had already Video ringtones…
    (and you had the Choice of all Videos u had on the Phone, so it was also possible to make an Video on pc and just “copy” it on the SD. And the Best. No Need for God dann iTunes.
    And now it’s such a big deal… Come on Apple Nerds, That’s Not a Big deal.
    The much better News would Be the 3D Thing. But LG already got a full3d Display + 3D camera so what?

    • Marty

      Wow sure a 5-7 years old phone with video ringtones. You barely had mp3 ringtones

      • Blubber

        Nope my Nokia 6233 from 2006 already had this 🙂

        May Be Some ober and older Models Too, but i don’t Know them 😉

  • Mr Felix 4

    Too late I’ve had video ringtone for 4 years now , I can create any video from YouTube or videos on my camera app and make it my springboard Vwallpaper or video ringtone full screen for free.. Thanks to Cydia and ifile . iPhone 4 sucks without jailbreaking

  • mwebsterpgh

    I have one word for anyone using a video ringtone….Looser.