“It’s time to go vertical.” No, believe it or not, that’s not a one-liner from the latest Vin Diesel movie.

Page2D is a jailbreak tweak that removes the horizontal scrolling only limitations placed on the iPhone, and outright encourages vertical scrolling.

But is it any good? Take a look inside as we examine the latest iPhone tweak for the vertically challenged…

Once installed Page2D places three options in your Settings.app, and two are merely cosmetic. So overall, you’re not going to have a lot of settings to tinker with here.

The basic premise behind Page2D is that it adds columns (up to 20) to your springboard. This in effect allows one to scroll horizontally as well as vertical, on a 2D plane, hence the nifty name of the tweak.

The scrolling worked as advertised for the most part, but I did find it to be a little jittery since you can now move your springboard in so many different directions. It’s understandable why Apple doesn’t include this functionality out of the box.

As far as the two cosmetic options go, I found them to be a bit buggy; but that of course could have been a side-effect of the many tweaks I have populating my iPhone at present.

Basically, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the auto-hide or the page indicator placement to adjust properly. That’s not a deal breaker in this situation if you’re merely looking for vertical scrolling capability.

I have mixed feelings about Page2D. On one hand it brings vertical scrolling to your iPhone, but on the other hand, I’m not even sure if I like vertical scrolling; at this point I don’t think I do.

Now I know some of you might ask, “It’s the deeper of the two tweaks, why not just use Infiniboard?” That’s a good question.

Although they set out to accomplish the same task, they are inherently different in their execution.

Infiniboard allows you to use vertical paging, but it doesn’t look nearly as clean with the way it manages the dock’s presence during vertical scrolling.

Ultimately it’s going to come down to personal preference, but chpwn’s Infiniboard does give you a lot more bang for the buck, coming in at $0.99 and having significantly more options.

If you want to compare, and you’re interested in trying out Page2D for yourself, head over to Cydia. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, it’s available for $1.99.

What do you think?

  • Burge

    Like you said 99c instead of $1.99 I’ll take infiniboard….both at the end if the day do the same thing

    • Burge

      Of ..of…of… See you can do it phone..lol…

    • Saj0r

      LOL @ owning an iPhone but bitching around about 1 Dollar… big LOL there

      • How is that lol if you own a Lexus and bitch about gas prices is that lol your an idiot BIG LOL there!

  • appletiser

    thanks but giving this a miss, its bad enough having a jittery scrolling spotlight so it would absolutely annoy me senseless for the springboard to become similarly as bad.

  • Sascha

    I’d rather have a tweak that takes me back to the first page when I swipe left on the last page, and that takes me to the ladt page when I swipe right on the first. So as if the pages were connected at the end. Is there something that can do that?

    • Ai

      Yed there is? It’s called Mquickdo or Quickdo. I’m surprised Sebastien doesn’t write a review on that. That apps give you mote option than you need to control most of your phone functions using the touch screen, including restart, reboot, take a screenshot, go back to first page, go to home page, cancel edit, ipod control, turning off the phone and more. No need for the home button

    • mrgee

      try wraparound from cydia

  • john

    Agreed. Nice tweak, but i’m still using my infiniboard.

  • MALdito

    Vin Diesel, not bad, but I would have went with Arnold Schwarzenegger though. He was the king of “one line-ers” lol!

  • Jared

    maybe if you use pagelock,you would like it more? i’m not sure.Give it a try,Jeff?

  • James Wolfe

    And for the next jailbreak tweak… Diagonal Scrolling!

    But that would be kind of cool if you could see each page of icons as one continuous wall stretching off into infinity and expanding as you scroll along the wall. Or see each page as stacks that could be partially transparent and you could scroll through the stacks.

    • It’s funny you say that, because this tweak allows for diagonal scrolling I don’t think it was the developer’s intent though.

  • James Wolfe

    Or as vertical layers like in flow with the next level down barely visible.

  • Jason Masters

    Apple did tests and decided the sideswipe was easier on peoples eyes then the vertical so they ditched that version and android phones use it and it sucks it’s a never ending swipe

  • Anthony

    Um, barrel does vertical scrolling plus a lot of other awesome stuff. They update that tweak constantly. Hands down one of the best jailbreak tweaks.

  • woojoo

    i think ill go with this tweak, cuz infiniboard duzn’t work on my itouch 4g. does this happen to anybody else out there? i have it enabled, but when i try to move apps to top or bottom pages, it wont work. i can kinda scroll vertically, but it just bounces back. the only way i can get it to work is if i fill up a page with apps, and then the next app i put on the page goes to a bottom page. but that still duznt let me put pages on top! reinstalled it couple times and it still wont work. guess ill see if this ones better XP

    • tjELITE

      Try turning the vertical paging option on…this way it will page through instead of being one long scroll and it makes it easier to place icons in the order you want

      • woojoo

        I tried it both ways, and I still can’t manually place icons on top and bottom 🙁 Thanks for the suggestion tho!

  • Nice review. Fwiw, Infiniboard and Page2D are compatible, if someone wants to mix and match.

    The bug with the page indicators should be fixed in v1.0-1. It was a minor oversight on my part in not releasing those options for the initial release.

  • Almostfamous84

    It’s all about Barrel 2 – Vertical Scrolling or my favorite Vortex.