As many of you know, with the release of iOS 4.0 Apple discontinued support for the iPhone 2G as well as the iPod Touch 1G. This left iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G stuck on iOS 3.1.3 for life. Furthermore, while Apple did end up upgrading the iPhone 3G (which has the same amount of RAM/processor as the iPhone 2G), 3G owners experienced a great deal of problems after updating to 4.0. The OS was incredibly slow and was barely usable.

After various reports and angry iPhone 3G users, Apple began to look into the issue and stated the issues would be resolved in iOS 4.2.1. When iOS 4.2.1 came around, performance had been improved on the iPhone 3G, but it was still quite slow. Most users decided to downgrade/remain on iOS 3.1.3.

Enter WhiteD00r (no pun intended). The WhiteD00r project had been released in July of 2010 to provide a stable port of iOS4 while basing it off the 3.1.3 firmware. Basically, you were running a modded version of OS 3.1.3 that looked and performed exactly like iOS4. The folks behind the WhiteD00r project have recently updated the custom firmware file adding in many performance tweaks. They’ve done some really nice work!

Check out this comparison video they’ve uploaded comparing an iPhone 3G running the latest version of WhiteD00r vs stock iOS 4.2.1:

To find out more about the WhiteD00r project, including instructions on how to install it, check out their site here.

If you’re running WhiteD00r on your iDevice, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Not sure what you’re talking about with regard to iOS 4.2.1 not being available on the iPod Touch 2G… I have a 2nd generation iPod Touch running 4.2.1 just fine.

    • William

      right, the article is wrong. iOS4 still runs on iPod touch 2G, just missed a lots of core new features.

      • Kickstar13

        Thanks for pointing that out! We have updated the article!

  • Leandro

    Just used it on my little brother’s iphone 2G its working like a charm! Nice work guys!

  • Kuipo

    Wait, I don’t get this. If you are jailbroken can you Install this software with out loosing your jailbreak?? Or should you?

    • Stink

      The firmware comes jailbroken and unlocked

  • Benny

    You have some mistakes 😛
    There’s Apple 4.2.1 on iPod Touch
    And Apple promised a fix on 4.1
    Whited00r is still more awesome 😀

  • shiham

    can i install whited00r on a iPod touch running on 2.2.1. sorry i do not have any update available from apple now and i really need to jailbreak my iPodtouch.

    • dirk

      it should work fine on ipod touch 1g

  • Watty

    I have to say that 4.2.1 runs absolutly fine on my iPhone 3G. Thats after I deleted daemons and language packs etc.
    I did use Whited00r on both my 2G and 3G and performance wise was brilliant.
    However because for e.g. Folders and multitasting was made from scratch I did come across some crashes.
    Although serious kudos to Darlo and WD.

    • Criss

      Everything works on the second Generation iPod. Just one thing to say. The new iPhone for Verizon ( in you don’t have a case) SUCKS!!! My friends tried calling me and it didn’t even let me know they called!!! Jeese!! I am an apple man all the way, but I am considering switching to a Droid device before my 30 day trial runs out!

  • Jrodphd

    So can I jailbreak it as soon as I update to 4.2 with green poison? Because I updated ny iPod touch 1g yesterday and it only updates to 3.1.3?

    • shiham

      how did you you upgrade the 1G? was it running on 2.2.1?

  • dirk

    What about applications that require 4.x to run? Anyone know if these will work? Im curious because it says it’s built on 3.1.3

    • Scott

      No they don’t work

  • this works great! although because this is technically a downgrade i can’t restore and of my apps :/ this is a real pain but i must admit, i don’t mind because my device is so much faster and overall better than before.

  • Sciencetor2

    Hey if you have any questions or suggestions for whited00r, head over to our forums and ill be more than happy to answer questions and foreward good suggestons to matt(our dev)

  • Animatron

    Can whited00r run 4.x apps?

  • Nabil

    I wanna update iPhone

  • Can I play a game that requires 3.2 firmware

  • druupy

    where the f..k is download?

  • harshit

    hey where is the downloading link????

  • Anas

    Guys, I have an ipod touch 1G running 3.1.3 iOS. I used to have 1.1.5 iOS but after upgrading to the version I just mentioned, the ipod become extremely slow. I barely can complete one word in writing without a hang. Also, starting a game became a long loading and sometimes loading never stops.

    Any idea about such a situation please?

    I’d appreciate your response.


  • harshit

    @anas: the firmware version which u r running iz nt for 1g… bcoz of the ram problems u r facing this… for the time being to increase your speed a little bit, install iPhoneVM from cydia if ur ipod is jailbroken… fr details google it and u can also find its source there… bt with this u wud also hv to install memtool to make iPhoneVM work… it actually increases the ram virtually.

  • harshit

    and even u can use speed intensifier…. itz quite cool… n increases ur speed upto 10x ur original speed…

  • i have a quick question say i go download this restore my iphone 2g to factory settings update it to 4.2 can i jailbreak it using this and still run with my t mobile sims card and have everything work?

  • harshit

    @kota: actually diz s/w iz already jailbroken… it iz a custom firmware which is unlocked and jailbroken… so derez no need to worry abt jailbreakin it aftr diz…

  • can i update my ipod touch 1g ti ios 4 without jailbreak

  • paul

    loaded ok but you cant do nothing with it the iso is out of date