iOS 4 Users Report Various Problems After Updating

Connect iPhone to iTunesSince the release of iOS 4 yesterday, many people who updated to the latest firmware are reporting various issues, including:

  • no cellular data (3G or Edge)
  • contacts disappearing
  • no push notification
  • MMS not working
  • photos turning out blurry

I have myself encountered my share of issues while setting up Google Sync for iPhone. The setup itself was fine but it took forever to sync my contacts and calendars. Later on, it came to my attention that it could have been Google’s issue and not iOS 4’s.

So what can you do if you encounter the kind of issues mentioned above?

A reboot is always the first thing to do but I doubt it’s going to fix anything. The second thing to do it to go to Settings  > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This usually fixes cellular data issues.

Now if you’re still experiencing issues, you might have to go for a more drastic fix: restoring your iPhone to a fresh state as opposed to a backup. This is your best bet. Sure you will have to start from scratch but your iPhone operating system will be as clean as if it just got off the box.

Did you encounter any problem after updating to iOS 4? What were they? How did you fix them?