I don’t believe there’s one feature on the iPhone that angers me as much as auto correct. It’s always misinterpreting what I’m trying to type, usually with ridiculous results.

Auto correct on the iPhone will turn a phrase like “Let’s go have lunch” into “Keep on step eagle.” I know, that makes no sense whatsoever, and that’s my point.

Fortunately for us, the jailbreak community has had enough of this utter nonsense as well, as evident by the release of ManualCorrect

ManualCorrect is essentially the reverse of auto correct. If you misspell a word while typing with ManualCorrect installed, instead of automatically correcting the word, it will offer a suggestion.

It will not auto correct the word for you, but it will highlight a misspelling so that you can identify any mistakes you made, and manually correct them later, hence the name.

Now you might be wondering, why not just disable auto correct and be done with it? The reason is, if you disable auto correct outright, you won’t receive suggestions mid-typing, and you won’t receive suggestions after the fact.

Turning off auto correct is a lose-lose proposition unless you possess impeccable grace with the iPhone’s keyboard.

ManualCorrect is a jailbreak tweak that has definitely found a permanent home on my iPhone, and I’d consider purchasing it, if it weren’t already free on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones.

What do you think about this tweak?

  • Koppis

    Love it!
    Thanks for this post.

  • sleeplessdwarf


    • icyhotonmynuts


  • Doug

    This is a good tweak but i think the default option is better. I mess up too many words to always have to go back and manually correct them. Itd be nice if they left the feature when you hit space it still added the word it was predicting. The only time auto correct really annoys me is in text fields for logins and web addresses. Just writing this comment was a project w out auto. Removing it now

  • soccerkrzy

    Wow, when I saw this in Cydia, I thought “there’s no way anyone would actually want this”.

    I still don’t understand why you would want this. This would slow down your typing to an absolute crawl. Autocorrect is one the best features of the iPhone because you fly through typing and miss letters (hitting the y instead of t, etc.) and it will correct it for you. It’s much easier to type everything and go back and fix the stuff you messed up instead of slowly typing a word at a time.

  • Lami

    Thanks for this lovely write up, another great tweak.

  • fojam

    God i love this tweak. Everytime i text, It changes my words to really weird things.
    I hate it because i try to abbreviate things and it’ll change things like when i abbreviate you’ll to ull it will change it to ill
    its anoying

  • Is it for all languages? Or just english?

  • six4seven

    awesome!! Can someone tell me the repo to add. My cydia doesn’t show this in a search.


  • PavelV

    I cannot find it in Cydia. Does it show in iOS 4.2 only? (I have 4.01)

  • Ai

    I just saw it, and before I could install, it disappeared. Looks like it was removed.

    • six4seven

      I saw it too then was about to download it. But now its gone!! 🙁

  • DomPerignon

    After a while playing with it, I can say that this is a MUST HAVE app.

  • iDroid


  • six4seven

    Love it.

  • Brad

    It’s gone… 🙁

  • manuel

    Any one heard of Inspell. It’s actually better, but that’s just my 2 cents

  • Fryu

    Is it better than inspell ? ill trust in your opinion

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  • STK10

    I dont have any probs with the autocorrect. Maybe i just dont spell enough words incorrectly to notice?
    Yr tharts pribobly it.

  • Gorgonphone

    fantastic… 100% perfect

  • azerjaban


    A website made specifically for all the stupid scenarios were put in because of autocorrect.

    …this is a long awaited tweak, now lets see if it works like it should.

  • Jimbo

    azerbajan, i just spent the last half an hour close to tears on that website, thats some of the funniest shit iv ever seen. I cant download ManualCorrect tho, it comes up in the serach but times out every time i try.

  • Brunte Niklasson

    What Happened?
    Every Word Starts Whith A Big Letter After Updating My Iphone, new jailbreak And New Installation Of ManualCorrect.