I’ve always believed that the iPhone’s most frustrating issues surrounded around composing long messages or filling out exceptionally long forms. Not only is the auto correct particularly troublesome, but I find myself from time to time typing uppercase letters when I meant to type lowercase, and lowercase letters when I meant to type upper case.

It’s a particularly frustrating affair culminated by the fact that Apple has decided to keep uppercase letters on their keyboard’s keys regardless of your actual case. That’s where a tweak like ShowCase comes in handy…

ShowCase places your current case directly on your keyboard, making it obvious as to which case you’re currently in, upper, or lower.

A jailbreak tweak like this is simply instrumental for those who see the iPhone as a way to release their drawn out, perhaps poetic thoughts.

With ShowCase, getting those thoughts accurately off of your mind, and onto your iPhone’s screen just became a lot easier. This is a wonderful tweak that’s easy to use, and free for jailbroken iPhone’s on Cydia.

Doesn’t this sound cool to you?

  • appletiser

    wow thanks for highlighting an Apple’s characteristic use of upper case on the keyboard when i hadn’t even given it a second thought, now i gotta go try this tweak 🙁 lol 😉

    • appletiser

      right, done. now i’m wondering how i ever managed with only upper case ahaha. so now i’ll patiently await for the next tweak-that-we-never-noticed-we-needed article 😛

  • Mkd

    Going for it now!

  • QuarterSwede

    Honestly, I’m surprises Apple never did this to begin with. Of course I never realized it either.

  • james016

    Finally 😀

    This is one thing that irritates me about the iPhone. I’m amazed it has not been fixed already in an update.

  • Kuipo

    Awesome!!!!! this was the last typing I’ll do with out it!! lol

  • Jerrica

    Does anyone have the Cydia source URL for Big Boss do that u can get this tweak? Thanks!

  • BLiNK

    tried it. didn’t like it. seemed a little difficult to type

    • Kuipo

      What? Difficult? I gues you were used to see all upper case letters but give it some time and it all will come back to you.

  • Thor

    There does not seem to be any lag. I am sure this will cheese Steve off to no end. He surely spent many hours arguing about this with his peeps. Not sure I like it yet though, will have to give it some time.

  • Chad

    Simple, yet perfect!

  • p0ny

    Love it !!!

    thanks for the info

  • MALdito

    Its damn good! But is there a tweak that makes it so that caps-lock stays on? Like for example, if I were to tap the arrow once for just one letter, twice (or a second time) and it stays on (rather then just capitalizing one letter) and then I’d have to tap it a 3rd time to turn it off. I think thats how it works on the ipad. Is there one like that? Bcuz if there isn’t, its a good idea ¬_¬ …

    • mena

      It’s already there: Tap the caps button twice quickly and it enables caps lock. The button should turn blue, to indicate which mode it is in. This is with running 4.2.1, so not sure if it’s a new feature, but I don’t think it is.

      • icyhotonmynuts

        It’s not a new feature.. it’s been on since iPhone 3G (earliest iPhone I used).

    • MALdito

      Really? I cant seem to get it to work on mine! So if I have to yell at someone in text i have to do it one letter at a time.

      • Marty

        Try looking in Settings, General and there should be keyboard – in there’s Enable Caps Lock 😉 Then double tap the shift/caps button and it should be blue, then you write in caps lock all the time

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Now.. if only someone would make a tweak that improves the shite auto correct dictionary that is on the iPhone 4.. if only…

  • Steve

    Another Option for CAPS is to temporarily hold down the upper case key while typing.  
    When you release the CAPS key, it goes back to lower case.  
    The only issue is when you need to use letters around the CAPS key like A and Z in portrait mode.  

  • Andrew

    Didn’t work for me? Installed it and my keyboard looks the same. Must be conflicting with something, I guess.

    Not sure I wanted it anyway, just thought I would try it. I’ve never had a problem noticing the caps button being highlighted and knowing I’m typing caps, and the lowercase letters just looks funny from the pic.

  • Mufler

    Using it and love it 😉
    Thanks guys

  • Japol

    Amidst the amazing features highlighted, I found some CONS with this tweak. First, when viewing the lower case, it seems too small and a little bit confusing when typing. Of course, most of the time, we typed in lowercase. Secondly, I don’t know if this is a known bug but it disables the character count even if I have it enabled in Message Settings. I don’t know if this is a bug, I am experiencing it though. I am on IP3G iOS 4.1. I am currently removing it now!!!

    • Japol

      The second CON is not a bug, my mistake, the character count will not show off when you don’t reach the second line in the message field. It is actually secretly counting the characters you’ve typed and it will show off when you reach the second line. My mistake. But this will still not convince me to have this tweak from the fact that it is too small for a smaller iOS device.

  • Gorgonphone

    dont need this cause all real keyboards are in uppercase… so thats why we dont notice this.

  • heredago

    It’s not working with my 5 row keyboard

  • Dave

    Yes, also not working with my 5 row keyboard, even if i turn that off. Any suggestions on how i might get this to work?

  • Dave

    Submitting another response so i can get notified of replies. I really want to try this tweak!

  • Fresh

    Downloaded and was loving this tweak. I kept getting safari crashes and tried removing like every package and couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally installed syslog and crash reporter and found this was the prime suspect for 50+ safari crashes over the last week

    Really annoying because I got this from a legit repo. I have iPhone 4 on 4.2.1. One of my favorite tweaks but it was killing me. Glad I finally discovered the source because I was about to restore my phone

  • Mapsking

    Just thought I’d mention if no one noticed before that in addition to the quick double-tap of the shift button, when you have hit the button to go to numbers instead of text, you can hit it again to select a different set of characters.