I’ve always believed that the iPhone’s most frustrating issues surrounded around composing long messages or filling out exceptionally long forms. Not only is the auto correct particularly troublesome, but I find myself from time to time typing uppercase letters when I meant to type lowercase, and lowercase letters when I meant to type upper case.

It’s a particularly frustrating affair culminated by the fact that Apple has decided to keep uppercase letters on their keyboard’s keys regardless of your actual case. That’s where a tweak like ShowCase comes in handy…

ShowCase places your current case directly on your keyboard, making it obvious as to which case you’re currently in, upper, or lower.

A jailbreak tweak like this is simply instrumental for those who see the iPhone as a way to release their drawn out, perhaps poetic thoughts.

With ShowCase, getting those thoughts accurately off of your mind, and onto your iPhone’s screen just became a lot easier. This is a wonderful tweak that’s easy to use, and free for jailbroken iPhone’s on Cydia.

Doesn’t this sound cool to you?