We here at iDB love us some good jailbreak apps and tweaks, but there are few that stand out when you take into account sheer practicality.

For example, say you’re trying to find your keys in a dark place, or need to know where to position the jumper cables on your stalled car during the cold the night hours? No sweat, you always have a flashlight with you; thanks to your iPhone and SpringFlash.

Did your favorite app make the cut? Are you totally prepared for whatever situation may confront you in a dire time of need? Are we making this way too suspenseful? Check inside and find the answer…

5. CallLock

For someone who has been suffering through Proximity Sensor issues, I can’t tell you how much of a blessing CallLock is. No more accidentally hanging up on friends and family, and no longer placing them on hold, while unbeknownst to me, I continue rambling to no one.

It’s not perfect, but it is a solution, and it does work. So, the next time that recruiter calls you back about a job interview, no worries about hanging up on them in mid conversation. Now how practical is that?

Price: $0.99

4. WeatherIcon

If you live in a part of the world that experiences treacherous winter weather, then WeatherIcon can be a great tool to have in your iPhone tool belt. Not only does it keep you updated on the latest weather, right on your homescreen, it nicely integrates with the stock weather app.

This makes WeatherIcon feel like a native iPhone feature, which is quite the compliment. It’s also really handy because it’s always staring at you; there’s no way you’ll forget that pair of gloves this time!

Price: Free

3. SpringFlash

If you own an iPhone 4 and SpringFlash, it makes for a great flashlight that’s always with you. Instead of using the screen’s LED backlight, SpringFlash uses the iPhone 4’s LED flash, which makes for a much more practical flashlight.

There are other jailbreak solutions that offer a flashlight, but SpringFlash is free and it’s easily accessible via an SBSettings toggle, even if your screen is locked.

Price: Free

2. AirVideoEnabler

At the drop of a hat, some of the entertainment that sits on your iPhone can be played back on your television thanks to AirPlay. But AirPlay video is restricted to the YouTube app, making it a lot less useful than we would have hoped. Thankfully, AirVideoEnabler allows you to bypass those silly restrictions.

The result is an incredibly practical jailbreak solution that turns any home with an Apple TV and an iPhone, into a potential night at the movies.

Price: Free

1. MyWi

Surprise, Surprise, it’s MyWi. Never leave home without it.

MyWi gives you the ability to create a WiFi hotspot at any time, on a whim. Internet access, for any device, at any time? It’s hard to come up with a more practical app than that, especially if you’re hanging on to an unlimited data plan.

Price: $19.99 w/Free Trial

What do you think? Do you have these essential apps in your iPhone tool belt?

  • Musephotos

    Actually I hadn’t heard of any of these except for MyWi which we bought a year ago before cydia merged. I had been looking for a weather app that simulated the blackberry very very nice! I missed that and only that on a BB. lol thanks!!!

  • Burge

    Cheep version of Mywi is Pdanet , works for me but then again I’ve also got tethering as standard and what about Pkgback up that’s very good. Springback is a backup of your icons where thay are ..

  • MALdito

    Great List! Weather icon is awesome! Thanks a lot!

  • WyKeD

    PwnTunes = FTW

  • caddouch

    I WANT TO KNOW which sbsettings THEME is on the image of the SPRINGFLASH pleaseeeeeeee

    • It’s a theme called Bold Retina that you can download from Cydia. It’s by far the best SBSettings theme out there in my opinion, and looks great on the iPhone 4. Try it out!

  • Great list ….. these are must have !

  • Kormirluk

    It’s really a great theme 😀

  • tim
    • WyKeD

      i LOVE LOVE LOVE this 1 too!!!!

  • Burge

    iStrings can change the words on your idevice ..get rid of slide to unlock and have what ever you want only $0.99 ..you can change any text on the device

    • Z

      Any text? Or just the slider text? I mean En.Iproj folder with SpringBoard.strings file within, placed in your theme saves a buck =) I’m not a StateFarm agent, but considering it’s a one time modify and forget about it tweak, it saved me 99 cents lol

      P.S.: @Jeff WeatherIcon also has an option to place temp or an icon on the status bar.

      • Burge

        There is a list of about..loads of things to change..
        I didn’t say this ..get a hacked copy and try it.. If you like it go buy it ..

      • Z

        You didn’t say it, I didn’t see it =)
        giving it a test drive right now…

  • German

    What about SBSettings? I think it’s the best of all

    • SpideyRules


      • Sam

        I like installous :p

      • Z

        @Sam lol you smart ass

      • luis


  • WeatherIcon doesn’t seem to work on my 3Gs. That is, it installed fine and the statusbar tweaks work but the icon itself will not change.

    Any ideas?

    • Z

      There was an option to enable the weather icon as a replacement of the stock.

      • Yeah, I’ve tried turning that off, respringing, and on again but still no effect.

      • Z

        It might take a little more than one respring. Try hard reset: hold home+sleep till the phone shuts down. I usually keep holding till the phone starts up. I hope this helps.

  • Chris

    What’s the name of the app next to iSilo and under settings on the sb (4. weathericon?”)

  • Bradibiza

    Half advert, half truth.
    MyWi, iFile + airsharing, sbs, installous, iRemix, bosspaper, scrolling board, iconoclasm, ,sbrotator and winterboard = One happy iPhone 

  • GorgonPhone

    iStings is soooo cooll..