SpringFlash: the First Jailbreak App for iPhone 4 Only

With the iPhone 4 jailbreak to be released soon, BigBoss has created a jailbreak application dedicated to this device only. The app is called SpringFlash and like the name suggests, it is an application that takes advantage of the iPhone 4 LED Flash to serve as a flashlight.

SpringFlash will be a Springboard Activator-based application which means you will have to use Activator to define a gesture or activation method to launch the app (ie “tap and hold the status bar). Since it is Activator-based, the great advantage of SpringFlash is that you won’t have to look for the app icon to launch it when you need it.

I’d like to say that I have tried SpringFlash but since there is now iPhone 4 jailbreak yet, that would be a lie…

SpringFlash will be available under the BigBoss repo for free. Now we just need a jailbreak!