With iOS 4.2.1, Apple introduced the brilliant AirPrint. Unfortunately, you need to spend money on a few specific printer models if you want to enjoy AirPrint. Not anymore, thanks to a very simple hack that lets you use AirPrint on any printer, including printers that are not even wifi capabale.

If you’re on a Mac, you can use the hack called AirPrint Hacktivator, which like its name suggests, will enable printing via AirPrint in a matter of seconds…

1. Download the latest version of AirPrint Hacktivator
2. Unzip the AirPrint Hacktivator to your desktop or Applications folder, then run it
3. Slide the toggle switch in the app to ON, then enter your administrator password when prompted
4. Click OK to confirm
5. Now, go to System Preferences -> Print & Fax
6. Click the minus symbol to remove your printer, then add it back and check the box share it on your network (see video below for instructions)

Nice hack, isn’t it?


  • but what if we aren’t on a MAC?

    • 85

      you should be. windows sucks

    • muthu


  • There is a windows version also , I belive I read about it last week ……

  • yepp
    found it, ty!

    • George

      Hi could you post the link to the windows version? Thanks!

  • Beakhand

    Can u use this with airport express
    Also what us the best way to print from iphone with airport express

    • George

      Greate! thanks!

  • When can we actually upgrade to 4.2.1? What’s the jailbreak for this one?

    I have a 3GS. All I want to know is what’s the jailbreak program for it? I can’t find good information on this anywhere. And a tethered jailbreak is not an option, so redsn0w is no good, right?

    • Unless you have an iPhone 3Gs with old bootrom, you’ll get a tethered jailbreak. If that’s not a problem for you, you can use RedSn0w to jailbreak. See our jb page for more info

      • Z

        @Sebastien, pwnage tool hasn’t been updated to support iOS 4.2.1 yet, right?

  • that depends on your bootrom. if your 3gs has the old bootrom then you will have an untethered jb.
    for new bootrom (5.14.02) the released jb is tethered and you must update your baseband to an ipad baseband, which is inreversible.

    just be patient. i think there will be an untethered jb also for the 3gs with new bootrom. just a question of time.
    the last endeavor has been made for the unlock….

    • “Bootrom”? I don’t understand what that means, as the version you gave isn’t a “bootrom” version number. And I don’t much care about the baseband, I’m not trying to unlock the phone, only to jailbreak it.

      F0recast tells me that I have 05.13.04 baseband and version 6.4 of the Bootloader. Since I’m still running 4.0.1, this does not surprise me.

  • pn2bade

    So does this require your computer to be on and connected to te printer to work then?

  • SpideyRules

    Did I miss being able to jb an iPhone 4 on 4.2.1? I would love to have this feature…

  • BJ McGeever

    Will this work if I’m connected to the printer via wireless?

  • Aleksander

    yeah, you did..

    How To:
    **WARNING** Thetered jailbreak!! = You need to rejailbreak to boot your iphone.

    1. Go to iphonedownloadblog.com and click on downloads on the top.

    2. Scroll down to redsn0w and download the newest.

    3. Open redsn0w and select you firmware (The restore fil of your iphone (the current version))

    4. Select install cydia.

    5. Follow on-screen instructions.

    6. Wait untill done.

    7. When done turn your phone ane relunch redsn0w.

    8. Select the firmware agen.

    9. Select Thetered jailbreak now.

    10. Follow on-screen instructions (agen)

    11. Done 😉


  • Aleksander

    **Turn Off your phone and relunch redsn0w.

    • SpideyRules

      Thanks for that, but I’ll wait for untethered. I reboot WAY too often to use tethered…

  • Gorgonphone

    A tethered JB is not a viable option at all for a casual user its only good for developers who need to make their apps work.. I am going to wait for an untethered JB for 4.2 which will give time fro all the JB apps to be de bugged completely

  • Martha

    print n share?