Let’s be honest, how many of you actually rely on the little dots above your iPhone’s dock to gather your whereabouts while swiping between pages?

If you’re like me and happen to find yourself rarely relying on those dots, all the while preferring a more minimalistic look to your iPhone, then chpwn’s latest tweak, aptly entitled No Page Dots, is for you.

I’m usually not one who’s very high on visual tweaks for my iPhone; generally speaking, I like to keep it looking as close to stock as possible. Fortunately, No Page Dots is a tweak so subtle that it doesn’t alter your iPhone’s home screen visually enough to stand out as a glaring omission, as say, removing the app labels would.

So should you or shouldn’t you? The tweak is almost to the point where it’s completely unnoticeable, but there’s still just enough of a change to make your home screen slightly cleaner.

If you’re an undercover minimalist, that is, if you like minimalism without straying too far from home, then No Page Dots may be for you. Besides, the tweak is free for jailbroken iPhones, so why not hop over to Cydia, give it a try, and tell us what you think?

  • David

    Just installed – very neat

  • AppleBits

    Going for it! Just what I wanted, and didn’t even know it.

  • Love this.

  • Burge

    This it nothing new , it’s been around since atleast 2.0 days . It’s a winterboard. Theme. If you want it it’s called …NO PAGE DOTS 3.0 . This one gets rid of the spot light icon aswell .. Sorry Jeff , but I’ve been using this since my first iPhone along with Transparent slider background , Transparent clock , Transparent dock. And Transparent status bar ,and Status bar battey hide . My iPhone is striped right down .

    • Burge

      And I forgot MAKE IT MINE to get rid of the carrier logo…and clock

      • Z

        @Burge You are absolutely right that No Dots has been around for a while. I’m have it in my theme as I type. But here is what I was wondering about:
        1. No Dots is a winterboard theme which requires activation in winterboard and, from what I understand, depends on some winterboard used dependencies to be enabled.
        2. No Page Dots is a tweak, which, therefore, does not need to be enabled through winterboard and, therefore, does not depend on winterboard. I.e. it’s an independent tweak which could result in faster and better performance (though the theme works just as good).

        So if anyone can tell me any difference between the two in terms of resource usage, it might be of some significance to those running older version devices.

      • Burge

        I think all tweak add ons run on mobile substrate and if you have lots of tweaks it runs down battery..I might be wrong ? Still I will use the winterboard one .

  • Hey burge is that your nice fluffy black kitty ?
    ….no dots is old news btw !

    • Burge

      Yep . One of 2 that I got . His called TOBY ( don’t ask ) my son took the picture …

  • Logan.fr

    Hey! What about newbies? Such as me, for instance 🙂
    I + David : this is a very neat tweak, which I’m really you made me aware of, Jeff.
    By the way: I am so glad to announce I just ordered my first Mac.
    After years using a PC, it’s about time, LoL !
    PS: @Seb, very nice choice of vintage wine your gran’father picked. Quite epicurean 🙂