Just like we reported yesterday, iTunes big day we “will never forget” is about bringing the Beatles to iTunes. Personally, that’s a day that I will forget in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

All jokes aside, the Beatles coming to iTunes is kind of a big deal, at least for the music industry. Devin Coldewey of CrunchGear explains to us why it matters:

So why do we care? Because this is one of the last times you’re going to see the recording industry in a position of power. It’s like seeing a majestic Dodo in action for one last time. The obstinacy that has led to doing things the same way since the 50s (there are likely LPs that have been in print that long, being sold the same way, like produce) at last is running out of steam.

The last barriers between old and new distribution are beginning to be dissolved, and the staunchest objectors (in this case, those in charge of the Beatles discography) are being forced to act. So while there will be dissections of the deal done by industry lawyers, agents, and musicians, any advantages gained now will be eroded over time; the distribution power struggle is forcing out obstructionists and inefficiencies, and how far that will go, nobody knows.

I understand the importance of this deal but this is important for business, it’s not really important for the end consumer. Which is why I don’t understand why Apple put so much importance on this event.

So in case you hadn’t had time to digitize your Beatles collection, now you can buy them in iTunes.

What do you think? Surprised? Excited? Disappointed?

  • Adam

    Apple #Fail. I will never forget this day because of how much apple let me down

    • brent

      Really? You’re going to let Apple ruin your day over this? I agree this is not a big deal for most people, but I’m no worse off because I don’t care about what Apple is announcing today.

  • AppleBits

    They need to do some work on their $100/year Cloud and syncing. Period.

  • Omg! Beatles!
    Im disapointed…
    I thought that there was going to be Cloud…
    Well im gonna remember this…
    As a FAILURE!!!

  • Lance

    lol… what a joke @apple, i’m really disaponted :/

  • PolJons


  • webmi

    Beatles?!? Are u kidding me? No one cares about your f***king beatles, steve!

  • EmperorXavier

    this is fuckin bullshit…. apple stick to test plan and just release the frickin 4.2 iOS already damn fickin steve jobs

  • c’est nul a chié, moi qui était constipé … ca me va lol

  • Mitch


    That is all.

  • I love it ya,ya,ya,ya

  • faizal


  • Saily

    Great but what we need is the update we’ve been waitingggggg

  • Logan.fr

    Mpff… That’s just a Yoko event. Or her bank account’s, same thing anyway.
    From Apple’s point of view it may be a great success, considering the time/resources they spent on that deal. From a consumer point of view it might just be like another sparkly but yet short-lived advertisement (Beatles’ fans already have decent digital recordings I assume, haven’t they?).
    I do understand how important it was for Apple to get the Beatles discography available on iTunes. I just cannot help thinking we end-users are those making such a buzz about a simple announce.
    I mean : us (millions) people are just helping them (hardly a dozen) people being billionaires, are we not ? 🙂
    So let the buzz go off. Apple just cannot amaze us each and every two weeks with another product/service/upgrade/whatever…
    As long as the brand and its hardware/software remains worthwhile, we’ll get a chance to buy/use/discuss it.
    And here seems a nice place to do so.
    As usual, regards from France,

  • T

    Very clever move by Apple to create so much excitement.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    I’m surprised no one has said this phrase, so I’ll say it now:
    Who cares?

  • Huh

    I will never forget this day, not because of the Beatles but the way Apple made a storm in a teacup.

    Now where the F@&$ is my alarm fix Apple? Taking two months to fix such a simple bug is unacceptable.

  • ROY

    You ddnt expect it, your hunch was a streaming itunes thingy, dont say u expected it!

  • taylan

    you muther fucking cunts!!!!!!!!!! who gives a flying fukstick about fuking beatles fuking dead cunts too old muther fucks. fuk u steve, an fuk u apple an fuk u beatles.

    On a serious note, you are driving an unbelievable car, live in a great house, and have bank accounts longer than my dick! an this is what you give back to ppl?? Who cares!

    In your position of influence and power, do something better for the world.

    Fuck you man, seriously.

  • Totally Fail…

  • @Jauhari

    Apparently our avatars are totally fail…

  • Thisdood

    What a joke… Im sorry.

  • JoJo

    Finally some decent music on iTunes… That’s worth a celebration I think