You might remember my post about TypoPhone 4 last month, which I think is a very nice iPhone lockscreen. Turns out a developer has decided to improve it by adding some colors and tweaking the layout a little bit. This new lockscreen theme is called Slanted Lock and is available in Cydia under the ModMyI repo.

The result is very nice and quite colorful. It displays the weather of your selected location, and the background changes with the weather. Very neat!

What’s great about this theme is that it is customizable without getting your hands dirty editing files in your iPhone. To make it look like the screenshot, you do have to edit a few settings…

Here is what you need to download from Cydia to make this theme work:

  • Slanted Lock
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • file:// for MobileSafari
  • Winterboard

Before activating the theme in Winterboard, you need to open Safari and go to file:///Library/Themes/SlantedLock.theme/config.html.

From there you will be able to tweak the settings of the theme. You can choose to use Yahoo Weather of AccuWeather. If you want to use Yahoo, go to this page and enter your zip code, then get the URL of the page and save your ID. For example, my URL for my zip code is, then my ID is 12796206.

You’ll see a bunch of different settings you can play with. When you’re done, tap “Set Config” and it will save your settings. Now you can launch Winterboard and activate the theme. After the respring, your new lockscreen will show on your iPhone.

What do you think? Isn’t it a nice and original lockscreen?

  • There is no way for me to like it even a bit. For me its ugly:/

  • rhoddy01

    Great lockscreen. Like that you can config it so easily and save the webpage to homescreen. Only thing I don’t like about it is the unlock slider. Thanks for the heads-up on this one.

  • Nicolas

    I hate to tell you but android beautiful Widgets have had this program for awhile now and you don’t need to do all those steps to set it up.

  • To be original… What’s up about battery ? 🙂

    • I’ve had it installed for less than 24 hours so I can’t really tell but it doesn’t seem to affect battery life much

  • appletiser

    credit for bringing slight originality but just like Marmite it’s a love/hate thing. i love Marmite and hate this lockscreen

  • Mavdp007

    Am I missing something in that URL? getting error that file does not exist in that location?

    • icnoah

      Nope you’re not it just doesn’t work

    • You guys make sure there are 3 /// and that you respect the case (upper and lower)

  • Lucas

    I think U can edit with ifile too

  • Dennis Yang

    but i cant do it without a jailbreak phone!!!! URG!!!!!

  • WOW!

    Same problem when I put that page into safari. Page not found.

  • WOW!

    Sebastian just forgot to make the end address .html NOT .htm

  • rainrose

    Nice! Tried it..It’s pretty cool. 🙂 Thanks Sebastien. 🙂

  • Bob

    Blerch! It’s hideous.

  • Hi!, how to hidden the original clock and slice bar ?

    • Z

      Read the article where it says:
      “Here is what you need to download from Cydia to make this theme work:”

      And the tweak you are looking for is called Lockscreen Clock Hide

      • abel

        that gets rid of the lockscreen Clock but not the unlock bit :/

  • Jo2

    I used un-unlockable theme to remove slider

  • danny

    all i got is a BLACK screen? with a unlock bar.. Am I missing something here?

  • Speckypete

    For those having installation issues, I had to download the Slanted Lock bit twice, the first time it didn’t work. I now have the slanted clock, I just need to get the wallpaper working….

  • amit

    someone make it black and sleek and sexy, then ill download

  • Daavi Gazelle

    @ danny
    I had the same problem just deselect SlantedLock in winterboard, configure like the article says. then reselect it and respring

  • Danny

    Still didn’t work? Man this is getting annoying. Just a dark background.

  • griff

    its nice but it drains battery :/

  • DomPerignon

    The more I try/look at different Lockscreens, the more I love my LockInfo. Hands down the most useful, sleek and cool of all the Lockscreens. Of course, different preferences for different lockscreens is just a matter of taste. Personally, I think that Slanted Lock is kind of tacky and too colorful for my taste. I tried it for 24 hours and I was dizzy looking at it so I went back at my good old LockInfo.

  • licco

    how to make a unlock slider same with your slider? your slider look so cute..xD.. can tell me how to do this?

  • danny


    finally worked!! OMG.. It’s best if you do the config through SAFARI…. ifile will not work right…

    after I config in SAFARI (with the address given in the txt file)!!

    • Danny, How did you do this?

      I have the same problem and i am working on it for hours!
      plz help!!

  • johanson

    tengo un problema… los dias martes me dice q es jueves… porq eso y viceversa los jueves los señala como martes… como reparar esto

    I have a problem … on Tuesdays q tells me it’s Thursday … and vice versa porq Thursday that marks them as Tuesday … how to fix this

  • Janiece

    i keep getting no files exists when i put that url into safari am i missing something i have everything it said it get from cydia.

  • I really like it … I am able to keep my own background and actually see the clock without magnifying lenses ( great for the over 50 crowd … LOL)!! I am not having any of the problems listed above. I would like to change the font of the numbers, though, as I had one I really liked from Boss Paper before … any ideas anyone??

  • sean

    Do these apps cost anything? if so what?

  • Melene

    I already put in a correct URL in safari but why still cannot

  • dada

    how can i change the wallpaper into my picture, instead of the black screen ?