Steve Jobs must really hate Flash. Aside from his public comments on the software, which he basically cited that Adobe’s prize-fighter wasn’t good enough to adapt into productive mobile use, he just (seemingly) won’t give in. His hand might be getting forced, however, as it seems the European Union regulators have joined forces with the Federal Trade Commission, regarding “mobile software developers”. This, of course means Flash.

The guys over at 9 to 5 Mac brought this ever evolving story to our attention, which cites the New York Times reporting, the European Union has brought itself into what it calls, a “Digital Agenda”. Sounds scary. The “agenda” is aimed to (forcefully) encourage interoperability between technology. Basically they’re making sure everyone plays nicely together.

Whether or not this correlation of forces will be what finally tips Apple’s hand in the never-ending game of Rummy, only time will tell. We at iDB will continue to bring you the latest and greatest from this evolving beast. Until then, Apple and Adobe will have their respective lines drawn in the sandbox, as assurance to not let their balls into each other’s playpen.

  • Gaz

    Exciting shiznitz!

  • Be cool to be on steve jobs email threads regarding this subject

  • Kerstin

    Is it really, really so bad that apple has taken the stance to encourage more widespread adoption and development of HTML5 over the ageing and, frankly, dangerously exploitable Adobe Flash? I, for one, applaud Apples stance and think it remarkably short-sighted to use terminology to evoke childish knee jerk reactions. “playpen” and “Steve hates Apple” ? For goodness sake’ grow up and see the real contribution Apple are making here.
    People are far too ready to throw stones and Demonise Apple, so easily forgetting Adobe’s death grip on emergent technologies. How many companies has Adobe bought in order to stifle? Please do a little more research before joining the playground whiners. Reports like this seriously degrade your credibility as a tech blog.

  • Kersten: Sorry you didn’t like the article. My support of Apple’s contribution is carried out in my contribution of buying their products. By the way, I never said Steve hates Apple, though it’s clear he isn’t fond of Flash. Have you read the letter he wrote about this very issue, stating his opinion?

    Again, sorry you didn’t care for the article. That being said, I’m always in the market for more sophisticated knee jerk reaction getters.