My fiancee Tina just got her first iPhone today and one of the first few things we wanted to do was to sync our shared Google calendars to each other’s iPhone. I thought that since we already share our Google calendars “online”, it would automatically sync both our calendars on our iPhone by setting up Google Sync. It didn’t. Turns out it was just a tiny bit more complicated than this.

Here are instructions to sync shared Google calendars between iPhones:

I assume that your Google calendars are already shared. If not, go to Google calendars and make sure you invite your friend/wife/colleague/whoever to share the calendar you want to see on your iPhone.

Step 1: Install Google Sync on your iPhone. At the very least, you should choose to sync your calendar. This will sync your Google calendar with your iPhone.

Step 2: Now we’re going to add the shared Google calendar you want to see on your iPhone. In my case, I want to see Tina’s calendar on my iPhone calendar. To do so, go to from your iPhone, login and select your device.

Step 3: Select the shared calendar you want to see on your iPhone.

Step 4: Go to your calendar app on your iPhone and make sure to select the new shared calendar you just added. Your iPhone will start being populated with its data almost instantly.

If you use Google Apps, the steps are slightly different:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your phone and go to
  2. Click on Google Apps user? at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your domain name (e.g.,
  4. Click the Sync icon in your domain area (this section has a green background).
  5. Sign in if required.
  6. Select your device to configure Calendars.

Here you go, now you can see shared calendars on your iPhone.

  • Dadditude

    Assuming you have the correct privileges on the shared calendar, will events sync from your iPhone to Google Calendar, or is this a one-way sync only?

  • Dadditude


  • @Dadditube I believe that if you set this correctly in Google Calendars, you should be able to edit the shared calendar.

  • Dadditude

    Nice. This will come in handy once my wife gets her iPhone sometime next month.

  • jorgeluis500

    I have this already done with my wife as well. However, she has a Blackberry and the problem is that she has a calendar for work and a family one (created by me and the one we shared). We don’t know how to differentiate in the blackberry both calendars. Everything she put in her calendar, I see it because somheow the defalut calendar is the family one

    • @JorgeLuis I don’t know about blackberry’s but I can tell you she can choose what calendar is the default one somewhere in the settings

  • jorgeluis500

    Thanks Sebastien

    I think I had already tried that, but I’ve already given up. I will try to look for that again one of these days. I’ll let you know

  • mkl4215

    does anyone know how to get the color labels that are on google calendar to be the same colors for the shared calendars showing on your iphone? i am aware that that question is confusing, but the thing is that my calendars are color-coded on my google calendar, but when i sync with google sync on my iphone, the colors are all different on my iphone than they are on my google calendar. yes, i am a color-coordinating freak, but is this fixable?

  • Cathy

    I also have the same question as mkl4215. pls let me know if there’s any solution.

  • Manda

    Hey, so I did all that, and it’s only coming up with my e-mail address and none of the information from my shared calendars with other people. Solution?

  • LMH

    Love this – I have been wanting to do this for ages – thanks for the clear instructions.
    Would love an answer to the colours thing too!!!

  • if this doesn’t work try setting the phone to english, it doesn’t seem to work in other languages. if that doesn’t work try this:

  • johanna

    I got the calendars to synch but the time is always a few hours off on the iphone for when the appt is supposed to happen.

  • A.

    It doesn’t seem to work when the details are not shared. Any clue on how to have access to a shared calendar without the details?


  • Steph

    Finally!!! Directions for something even our IT Dept couldn’t figure out. Thanks to you, I am reigning the IT knowledge … And not even in that dept. 🙂

  • Patrick

    Dude, you rock. I’ve been searching for this answer for waaaay too long, been on to AppleCare, no use at all.

    Thia works, thanks.

  • Enrique

    Awesome info! Google needs to move it up their search results, it was a the bottom. 🙁 Thanks for posting it!

  • hi i did what u told me and my husband still can’t see my calendar we both have iphone 4s and where is suppose to say share like on the picture u gave us in my calendar it say other calendar it shows my calendar on his google account on the pc but not on his iphone

  • Ian Andrews

    You are brilliant. How is it that Google and Apple make it so difficult to find this information?
    Now I’d like to be able to do the same in Outlook 2010, without the usual Microsoft sharing routine . . .

  • Jeff Davolt

    Also, I found that to share my calendars with Apple people, in GOOGLE CALENDAR I have to add them selecting “Make changes AND manage sharing” in order for them to be able to see it on IPhone.