Browser Changer is a new applications available in Cydia that lets you make a third-party browser your default browser. This way, you can open links in a third-party browser instead of opening them in Safari.

browser changer

Why would use this application? Let me explain. Let’s say your web browser of choice is Opera Mini. Every time you click on a link in an email for example, you may want this link to open in Opera Mini. Apple doesn’t let you do this but Browser Changer will.

This is definitely not a ground breaking application, but it is still a nice tweak for those of you who use a browser different from Safari. This app also comes with a SBSettings toggle, so you can turn it on/off easily and quickly.

Browser Changer offers support for Atomic, iCab Mobile, Perfect Browser and Opera Mini. You can simply choose your default browser in the

You can get Browser Changer for free from Cydia. If you decide to try it on, please leave a comment below to tell us what you think about this app.

Thanks @PhoneTrips for the tip!

  • Alex

    Also if you SSH into your iPhone…you can actually change which browser you want it to support, that is if you know what you’re doing 🙂

    Great article!

    • me

      HOW do you change the default browser via ssh ???

  • Brian

    I downloaded the app and made sure Opera Mini was checked and it doesn’t work.

  • Lucas

    same results as Brian. does not work. still opening Safari for links.

  • tom-go

    Is the Browser SBSettings toggle set to ON?

  • jnick

    please elaborate on how to change it to the browser you want through ssh! I would love to be able to use other browsers that were not chosen to be supported.

  • Alex

    a problem i found: if you surf to a pdf file in opera it says “open…” if you click it you get back to opera (of course), you can do that indefinitly (if you have the time)

  • Lucas

    okay i got the sbsettings toggle on and links OPEN opera, but do not insert the link into the URL as it says it will so it’s basically useless still.

  • Phillip Deackes

    Doesn’t work on my iPad either 🙁

  • Polemicist

    Opera Mini does work but I found that the link doesn’t automatically start up. For some reason the link is there and when you click on a link on the start page you will see your link pop up in the address bar as if you were already on the site. It is a little weird but I don’t mind using it. 🙂 Better than copy and paste all the time.

  • Polemicist

    To make Opera work do the following.
    1: once you click on the link Opera should open
    2: in Opera click on the Address Bar
    3: you should now see your link so just hit GO

    That is all. 🙂

  • Lucas

    There was an update for it last night and it is working correctly for opera now. Thanks, guys.

  • Phillip Deackes

    Once I had turned browser on in SBPrefs it works fine for Atomic and iCab Mobile. Excellent!

  • bao

    It doesn’t work for bookmarks that have been saved to the Springboard. They still open in Safari unfortunately.

  • Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  • Any clue if this app will ever support on-the-fly choosing?
    I.E. click a link, get a pop-up of all installed browsers and choose one?

    I’ve got 4 browsers, all with different functionalities that I use for different purposes. Being able to change these on the fly when a link is tapped would be phenomenal.

  • Joshua

    It would be very helpful to be able to lock the browser that you choose. Or require a password for the launch of this app. That way i can switch the browser for my kid to Mobicip and not have him be able to switch it back to safari. I will use lockdown pro to lock safari. My son will still be able to use the new default browser to open up links in emails and whatever by using the default browser i choose. I see you offer the default browser to be changed to “Mobicip” but what good is that if you have to un-restrict safari in settings to use this app. So by offering a lock for this “browser changer app” I would be able to change the default browser to Mobicip with out having it switched back to safari. And then use lockdown pro to restricted safari. Again you cant use Mobicip without safari being restricted…. thats the whole point of Mobicip is to replace safari with a kid friendly app. With your “default browser app” the only way to use Mobicip as a default browser and still be able to open links in email is to un-restrict safari…but that defeats the purpose Mobicip. Offering a passcode will be very helpful. Thanks

  • J-dawg

    does anyone know how to get browser changer to work in os 4.1 for iphone 4?!?! thanks

  • Rodrigo

    Hermano todo lindo pero te faltó explicar que hay que cargar la repo :