Last month, we talked about a simple hack to let you edit videos on your iPhone 2G or 3G the same way the iPhone 3GS does. iPhone OS 3.1 just made this hack obsolete for 3G users as it is now possible to edit videos on the iPhone 3G without hacking the phone.

If you updated your iPhone 3G to the new 3.1 firmware, you should now be able to trim videos and save them in your camera roll. In order to edit a video, you should have someone email you the video and save it to your camera roll first. From there, you can access the video, edit it, and save the changes.

That’s a nice little upgrade for the iPhone 3G. Though I still think it’s scandalous Apple didn’t allow the 3G to get video recording.

  • ceggerl

    you can use my VideoMover to move all your movies to the camera roll. at the moment (yourtube, iphonevideorecorder3 and cydia)

    just search for it on google

  • Sebastien

    @ceggerl oh cool. I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the tip.

  • W7User

    As we have seen, the 3.1 firmware enables the possibility to change the video within the camera roll and now, some guys from the forum ModMyi, have released a new toggle called VideoMover, able to move inside the roll, all Video recorded with Cycorder, video recorder 3G and those downloaded from YouTube!

    Add this source to your cydia sources and install it from there.

  • GarethDPhillips

    this is great, but an update to Cycorder so that it saves in the correct place to start with would be nice as this is a little “dirty”