Just how water resistant is the iPhone 7?

As revealed at Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote, the new handset is water resistant (not waterproof), and this means it can supposedly handle some water splashes and light submersion and come out unharmed.

Now that the iPhone 7 is officially available to the public, you can probably imagine some people have already started putting the device through water tests. So how did it do?

iPhone 7 is water resistant but liquid damage is not covered under Apple’s warranty

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the first dust and water resistant iPhones with IP67 protection, meaning they’re 100 percent resistant to dust and sand and should survive being submerged in about a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The devices have waterproofed components like the buttons, the chassis and the SIM tray.

Plus, they most likely use gaskets and seals like other water resistant phones. But if water does make its way into the device and damages it, don’t count on Apple to replace it at no charge because liquid damage is not covered under its warranty.

New rumor out of China claims that iPhone 7 sports a touch-sensitive Home button

According to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes this morning, latest reports out of China claim an ‘iPhone 7’ will get rid of the physical Home button in favor of its digital, touch-sensitive counterpart, theoretically permitting Apple to engineer an iPhone with the completely flush front surface.

Additionally, these reports have reaffirmed previous rumors that the handset will be water and dust-proof.

Another interesting piece of information we haven’t heard before: Apple might also introduce a brand new matte black color for the iPhone 7’s chassis. The Cupertino firm’s reportedly just completed the third test phase of the new handset, which should launch this fall unless it adjusts the iPhone’s upgrade cycle.

This Catalyst case protects your Apple Watch from water and debris for under $60

In August of last year, Catalyst unveiled the first (to my knowledge) fully waterproof case for the Apple Watch. Where other cases merely provide drop protection or, at most, water resistance, the Catalyst Case is fully IP-68 spec waterproof for up to 5 meters.

Given Catalyst’s reputation for making well-designed products, I jumped at the chance to give their Apple Watch case a try. I’ve been using it every day on my own sport model Watch for the past several weeks, and I’m finally prepared to share my thoughts.

iPhone 7 rumored to be waterproof, hide the antenna bands

According to a new supply chain rumor out of Taiwan, Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ will be waterproof and feature a brand new antenna-concealing technology that will hide those unsightly antenna bands which iPhone 6/6s owners have been complaining about.

As reported this morning by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, Apple’s supplier Catcher Technologies will provide the iPhone 7 chassis which is said to be waterproof and use “new compound materials”.