Valve gives its Steam iOS app iOS 7 makeover, offline chat and more

Valve has refreshed its Steam Mobile client for the iPhone and iPad with a new user interface design which fits the overall iOS 7 aesthetics much better compared to the previous version.

Additionally, this version of Steam Mobile has added a few new features and enhancements such as the offline chat mode, improved push notifications and icon badging, a brand new streamlined interface for responding to friend invites and a couple other tidbits.

The application allows Steam fans to stay in touch with the Steam community wherever they go. In addition to the Steam chat, the app relays the latest gaming news from the Steam network as well as notable game sales and includes the ability to browse community groups and user profiles...

Valve shows off Steam Controller with popular Mac games

Valve caused quite a stir claiming its upcoming Steam Controller was designed to work without a hiccup with all the games on Steam, including the older titles in the catalog and the ones that were not built with controller support in mind. To prove its point, the company has released a nice video demonstrating Steam Controller with a number of popular Mac games sold on Steam, such as Portal, Counterstrike and Team Fortress. Give it a watch right after the break...

Valve takes aim at your living room with SteamOS

Games developer Valve has built a nice little business around Steam, a digital distribution platform for Mac/PC titles, basically an App Store for cross-platform desktop games. Now, for some time we've been hearing whispers of a Valve-branded gaming hardware, especially with its CEO seeing Apple more of a threat compared to the console guys.

According to Valve, hardware makers can now build devices based on SteamOS, Valve's new and free Linux-based operating system for the living room gaming PCs (Android, much?). Of course, SteamOS comes with both the Steam distribution platform built-in and a whole new interface specifically designed with big screens in mind. Should Apple be worried?