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6 handy tips for using Apple Maps on Apple Watch

Apple Maps on Apple Watch US Map

Maps on Apple Watch is probably one of those apps you only open when you really need it. Maybe you need directions or want to look up a recent spot. But you can explore Maps on Apple Watch just like you would on your iPhone or Mac.

Of course you can do things like see your spot on a map if you’re traveling and in an unfamiliar location. But you can also get the hours or phone number for a nearby business or check out one of the curated city guides introduced with iOS 14.

Make the most of the Maps app on your Apple Watch with these helpful tips.

New to Mac? Make the most of the Apple Maps app

Maps App Satellite Mac

The Apple Maps app is a super handy tool that you likely use on your iPhone more than anywhere else. For getting directions, it makes perfect sense. But, the Maps app on Mac offers some great features as well, like one to send directions straight to your iPhone.

If you’re new to Mac, we’ll show you how to use that feature along with a host of the others you might not know about. Here’s how to make the most of the Apple Maps app on your Mac.

How to share your ETA in Apple Maps on iOS

How to share ETA in Apple Maps on iPhone

With iOS 13, Apple brought an array of new features to the Maps app. You can use Look Around for a 360-degree street view, create Collections of places you want to visit, and more. Along with these cool features is the ability to share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with your contacts.

The new ETA sharing ability is terrific for letting those you’re meeting with know when you will arrive. Plus, if you run into a delay on your way, they’ll receive an update. This short tutorial shows you how to share your ETA in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad.