How to set multiple timers on your HomePod

HomePod black top

Whether you’re working on many projects at once, cooking a big dinner, or just have a ton of tasks on your plate, timers can be life-savers. And with your HomePod, it’s never been easier to set several timers.

This tutorial shows you how to set multiple timers on your HomePod.

The best free focus timers for Mac to work, break, and concentrate

Focus Timers for Mac

When you’re hard at work on your Mac, sometimes you forget to take a break. Then there are other times when that’s all you can think about doing. In both cases, a handy focus timer can help.

Set the timer, focus on the job at hand, and take a short break when time is up. This helps you stay focused on what you need to do for a certain amount of time and take that necessary break without forgetting.

Check out these awesome free focus timers for Mac you can snag on the Mac App Store.

How to turn TickTick into a convenient Pomodoro timer

TickTick Pomo Timer Start on iPhone

If you haven’t heard of TickTick, this handy app helps you manage your tasks. Keep lists, add your to-dos, and be reminded so you never forget a task.

In addition to managing to-dos, TickTick offers a built-in Pomodoro timer. For managing your time, the Pomodoro method has you break down your work into intervals. Normally, you set the timer and work for 25 minutes, take a break, and then work for another 25 minutes. While the durations of work and breaks can be adjusted, the general idea is the same.

So, let’s take a look at how you can use TickTick as a Pomodoro timer.

The best time tracking apps for iPhone

best time tracking apps for iPhone

If you are a contractor, a freelancer, or want to keep track of your time for personal reasons, there are plenty of apps that can help you do it. But, how do you choose which to use?

Here are four of the best time tracking apps for iPhone along with their notable features.

DynamicTimer automatically configures iOS timers to “Stop Playing” when music is playing

Anyone who uses the timer in iOS knows that it's useful for one of two things: 1) to count down for something special, or 2) to make your music playback stop after a designated amount of time.

If you use your iOS timer for both cases mentioned above frequently, then it can be cumbersome to switch back and forth between your favorite sound and the "Stop Playing" option for each situation. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak called DynamicTimer by iOS developer KingPuffdaddi helps automate this process.