The best free focus timers for Mac to work, break, and concentrate

Focus Timers for Mac

When you’re hard at work on your Mac, sometimes you forget to take a break. Then there are other times when that’s all you can think about doing. In both cases, a handy focus timer can help.

Set the timer, focus on the job at hand, and take a short break when time is up. This helps you stay focused on what you need to do for a certain amount of time and take that necessary break without forgetting.

Check out these awesome free focus timers for Mac you can snag on the Mac App Store.

Criteria and features

Here are a couple of the things we looked for when creating this list of focus timers for Mac.

  • Simple setup: You want a timer that lets you set it and forget it. It should only take just seconds to get the timer going.
  • Useful settings: When you want a basic focus timer, extra settings are nice if they’re useful. These apps let you pick exact times, break times, sounds, and for some, appearance.

Be Focused – Focus Timer

Be Focused Timer app for Mac

With the Be Focused – Focus Timer app, you can pop in a name for the task you’re working on or just start the Pomodoro timer with a click. Set your work, short break, and long break intervals in the settings and you’re ready to go.

Be Focused – Focus Timer notable features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts let you start and stop the timer without lifting your fingers to grab your mouse.
  • The Chronometer sound options let you listen to the ticking of the clock with frequency and sound level adjustments.
  • Keep track of the tasks you completed by what you’re currently working on and what you’ve completed.

Be Focused – Focus Timer is a terrific free app to help keep your mind on your work until it’s time to take a break. It’s easy to use, displays the timer in your menu bar or on the screen, and lets you switch between tasks you’re timing with a click.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a pro version upgrade that offers device syncing, export options, and ad-removal.

Red Hot Timer

Red Hot Timer app for Mac

Red Hot Timer is a nifty app that lets you set your timer two different ways. First, you can open the app and set your time there. Second, you can pull down on the handle from the menu bar and release to set the time.

Red Hot Timer notable features:

  • Set multiple timers (three for free) and display them in one window for those times when you are working on more than one task.
  • View a countdown to the time you set in your menu bar so you can see the time remaining at a glance.
  • Use the built-in task times for quickly setting the timer. You can pick by task size, break time, a meeting, or dinner.

Red Hot Timer gives you useful extra features like the pull down handle from the menu bar to start and the ability to set multiple timers. So, if you need to beyond the basics, this is the app you want.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: Free with in-app purchases for more timers per day.

Tomato One – Free Focus Timer

Tomato One Timer for Mac

Tomato One – Free Focus Timer uses the Pomodoro method of time management, like the Be Focused timer above. Just set your focus, short, and long break times and get to work. It’s that simple.

Tomato One – Free Focus Timer notable features:

  • Adjust the settings to show the timer in the menu bar, interrupt you, and automatically start the next timer.
  • View your stats by the day for the current and previous weeks.

The Tomato One – Free Focus Timer app for Mac doesn’t have extra features like similar tools, but it doesn’t need them. This is ideal for those who want a basic Pomodoro timer that helps them get their tasks done.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Focus and finish

Be more productive by focusing for a certain amount of time or stop overworking by taking breaks when you should. These free focus timers for Mac help with both situations. Do you need to start using a focus timer or do you already use one you’d like to recommend? Let us know!