Apple relaunches My Support site with new design and old features

Apple has relaunched the My Support website with an all-new design featuring bolder headings and adaptive layout to match the look of the rest of Available through the new address at, the overhauled site has all the same features like the old one, which debuted back in 2011.

Upon logging in with your Apple ID, you can register your Apple product by typing in a serial number, which lets you access various support options and do things like track repairs, check on a device's warranty status and much more.

You can give products nicknames, reorder them, sort them by device category or coverage status and more. Other options include the ability to browse your repairs within the past 90 days, look up a repair by entering your Repair ID or a product's serial number and so forth.

Some of the features of the old site are nowhere to be found on its redesigned counterpart.

That's because some of them have been relocated elsewhere or integrated into the redesigned Apple ID or Apple Support webpages, like the ability to edit your contact information.

While the old site let you add an AppleCare protection plan to hardware, that features is absent on the new site because, as of recently, all of Apple's AppleCare plans for Macs, iPads and iPhones must be bought alongside a new device or within 60 days of purchase and they're automatically registered to your Apple ID.

The site provides a Contact Us link that leads to Apple's webpage where you can find various support options that are available to you, based on your country and products.

Like before, you can see a history of your support interactions and AppleCare coverage eligibility, access product manuals, guides, technical specifications and support pages for your products, view previous replacements of products and more.

Many people were unaware that this site existed in the first place because finding it without remembering the URL was impossible. I remember having to Google “where can I find all my registered Apple products” just to get to that page.

Even though the Apple ID site shows all your devices, older hardware with no iCloud support isn't displayed there. At the revamped My Support site, you can easily find all your Apple products, including all your iCloud-authorized devices and any manually registered products.

Schedule repairs and make Genius Bar reservations with Apple Support app

Apple's dedicated Support app was refreshed on App Store today with the ability to schedule repairs and make Genius Bar reservations. Bumped to version 1.1, the app packs in other improvements as well, including simplified authentication process, support for iOS 10's rich notifications for chat and the ability to filter locations by mobile carrier.

As mentioned, the refreshed app now permits iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners to schedule repairs at participating Apple Authorized Service Providers. The ability to make Genius Bar reservations from within the app is currently limited to Apple Stores in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Apple Support is a free download from App Store.

How to check the warranty status of your devices with the Apple Support app

We have previously plugged Apple’s warranty check page in order for you to get answers to your coverage questions, but with the release of Apple’s own Support app, things have gotten a whole lot easier once again. Overall, the application deserves praise for its smart itemization of your devices right out of the gate and the subsequent device-specific breakdown of submenus. This is what facilitates the super fast warranty checks demonstrated below, however it is also the reason you should be inclined to download the app for any other support related purpose.

In this post, we will show you how to use the Apple Support app to check the warranty status of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple devices.

Issues with your Apple Music subscription or iCloud storage? You’re not alone

As acknowledged on Apple's System Status webpage, an unknown percentage of Apple Music subscribers have been experiencing issues with their subscriptions since Tuesday, ranging from the inability to download tracks for offline listening to being unable to connect to the service at all.

According to complaints on Reddit, some folks are also being greeted with a “Cannot Connect to iCloud” error message when attempting to upgrade or downgrade their iCloud storage plan.

AppleCare+ can now be bought up to 12 months after purchasing your iPhone

As first noted by MacRumors, Apple now lets you buy extended warranty coverage for your iPhone up to twelve months after your device purchase.

Previously, customers had up to 60 days following an iPhone purchase to buy an extended AppleCare+ coverage for their phone. This information, originally provided by “multiple people familiar with the matter”, has been subsequently confirmed by a senior AppleCare advisor and other sources.

Apple Support app now available in 22 countries and 13 languages

Following its November 2016 debut in The Netherlands and subsequent U.S. launch the following month, Apple's dedicated Support app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has now expanded to more countries.

As first noted by MacRumors, the free of charge software is now available for download in 22 countries and features support for thirteen languages.

Latest macOS 10.12.2 beta fixes MacBook Pro graphics glitches, says Apple’s Federighi

An annoying graphics glitching issue that some owners of the new MacBook Pro are seeing should become a thing of the past when macOS 10.12.2 Sierra software update releases for public consumption, according to a purported email message from Apple's software boss Craig Federighi.

Portland-based MacRumors forum member Dennis reportedly received a reply from Federighi after asking Tim Cook via email about the reported glitches, which range from screen tearing and broken textures to brightly colored flickering and checkerboard patterns to issues with translucency, transparent graphics and other visual artifacts.