Qualcomm claims Apple’s most recent iOS 12.1.2 update hasn’t circumvented its patents


Even though Apple has not officially confirmed that the latest iOS 12.1.2 update does pack in fixes for a pair of Qualcomm software patents that were supposed to remove any infringing functionality, Qualcomm told Reuters yesterday that the Cupertino firm remains in violation of a Chinese court’s orders to stop selling iPhone 6s through iPhone X in the country.

Qualcomm clears major hurdle to bring 5G to iPhone and other smart devices

Qualcomm mmWave

Bringing 5G networking to mobile devices hasn't been an easy process. First, stakeholders need to agree to a standard, then new modems need to be developed. Qualcomm recently cleared one of the most significant hurdles in the development process with the announcement of its new QTM052 mmWave antenna modules, the first that that will enable the high-speed swath of networking spectrum to work with mobile phones, according to The Verge.