Theos Team announces Orion, a project to support tweak development using Swift

Many jailbreak tweak developers will be familiar with Theos, which is best described as a cross-platform suite of tools for developing software for the iOS and iPadOS platforms without the use of Xcode. The reason for Theos’ familiarity is that it has proven to be a particularly instrumental mechanism in the development of jailbreak tweaks over the years.

Just this weekend, however, the Theos team took to /r/jailbreak to announce Orion, a new and open-source DSL that will empower developers to more easily craft jailbreak tweaks using Apple’s renowned Swift programming language.

The best coding apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

Coding apps for kids - Box Island

If the child in your life shows an interest in programming, it’s essential to encourage that type of activity. And learning the basics of coding at young age can help boost your child or grandchild’s appreciation and talent for the skill.

Games and apps that teach programming have become popular with the devices we use every day. So if you’d like to give your child the tools they need to explore that interest, then take a look at this list of the best coding apps for kids. And remember, they can be fun for adults to learn programming too!

Supercharge aims to redefine tweaking on jailbroken & non-jailbroken devices

Tweaking your iOS device may soon become significantly easier with the introduction of an exceptionally captivating project dubbed Supercharge led by iOS developer Kabir Oberai and designer Alessandro Chiarlitti, and contributed to by others.

Supercharge aims to become a platform that will make the process of tweaking your iPhone or iPad easier, whether you’re jailbroken or not. The work is being advertised as an innovative new tweak editor that will empower users with the ability to create and modify tweaks without writing a single line of code. Moreover, users will be able to share their works with other Supercharge users.

Quiver 3: a digital notebook built for developers

Without fail, anytime I settle down to work on a programming project, a large chunk of my time is devoted to searching Google and StackOverflow for the best ways to tackle a given coding issue. Even if I haven't run into a problem per se, looking for the most efficient approach to a function or finding a snippet of code that carries out a specific purpose are just a couple reasons why I'm continuously researching whatever language with which I'm working. That's why Quiver is such a huge help to me.

Apple offering Xcode 6 beta for free on new Swift blog

Apple today launched a new blog on its developer portal for its Swift programming language. The company introduced the new language at WWDC last month, and it says this will be a way to keep devs up to date on its progress.

The news is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, it's not like Apple to talk publicly about projects it's working on—particularly via a blog. It's also worth noting that it has posted a free version of its Xcode 6 beta on the site...

Good deal: name your own price on this ‘learn to code’ bundle

I don't know about you, but when I hear stories about app developers becoming near-overnight millionaires, it makes me want to get into the business. Unfortunately, I know very little about programming, and even less about programming for iOS.

That can be changed, though, by taking some educational courses on the subject. And wouldn't you know it, our friends over at deal site Stack Social are running one of their infamous 'name your own price' promos on a set of 8 online coding courses...

Why Do People Think Jailbreaking Can Brick Your iPhone? [Rant]

This week has gone by faster than usual. Perhaps the Apple event made the days come and go quicker but nevertheless it's Friday. This is the day I've been known to spout off about a topic that I feel needs further attention. This week I go after those who feel the need to warn people that jailbreaking your iPhone can "brick" it.

I recently posted an article announcing the recent jailbreak of my iPhone 4. Having been away from the dark side since my iPhone 3G, I wasn't sure what to expect from the process.

New iPhone Developer Cookbook to be released October 15th

Addison-Wesley Professional is releasing a new Programming Reference Book called The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, The: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK. It will be released by InformIT on October 15th and Amazon is listing it as October 25th.   As many of you are probably aware there hasn't been a plethora of iPhone 3G programming books out there. I have three on pre-order at Amazon, but I,  keep getting notices that the dates have slipped. This book promises to targeted toward all levels of developers.  Follow this blog to get an in depth review before the end of October. According to InformIT this book is described as follows:

Leading iPhone developer Erica Sadun begins by exploring the iPhone delivery platform and SDK, helping you set up your development environment, and showing how iPhone applications are constructed. Next, she offers single-task recipes for the full spectrum of iPhone/iPod touch programming jobs:

Utilize views and tables Organize interface elements Alert and respond to users Access the Address Book (people), Core Location (places), and Sensors (things) Connect to the Internet and Web services Display media content Create secure Keychain entries And much more