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Google confirms changes to comply with South Korean law requiring alternative billing options, Apple remains quiet

We are almost through the first week of November 2021, and it looks like Apple is doing everything it can to drag its feet when it comes to a brand new requirement regarding third-party billing options in the Play Store. This new law was passed by the government in South Korea, and Google was swept up in the action as well. The difference is, Google's set forth a plan to make those changes. Apple? Not so much.

Google lowers Play Store fees for subscription and music streaming apps to 15%

The landscape for digital storefronts is changing quite a bit. That is thanks, at least in part, to a lot of outside voices demanding those changes. Apple, for its part, remains reluctant to make any sweeping changes that don't ultimately benefit the company. But, it has made some changes, and there appear to be even more in the works. Meanwhile, Google has had to make some changes to its Play Store, too, and today marks the arrival of yet another.

Apple pushes back against South Korean bill that would bar Apple and Google from requiring developers use their payment systems

There is a lot of attention on how Google and Apple handle their respective digital storefronts. Some of that attention is all about making changes -- especially when it comes to Apple's App Store. And it looks like one bill from a major economy could set the stage for future change across the board. Which Apple is obviously not too pleased with.