Paper by FiftyThree picks up palm rejection, erase and blend features for Pencil

FiftyThree, the fine people who brought you the excellent iPad drawing program aptly named Paper, have been taking pre-orders for their companion high-quality stylus, the Pencil, for more than a month now. As we explained in the announcement post, the Pencil uses power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 technology to communication with the application running on your iPad.

But it’s the marriage of high-quality Pencil hardware and premium Paper software which enables seamless features such as the ability to carve away parts of your drawing using a built-in eraser, without having to switch in-app tools first.

With first Pencil shipments arriving later this week, FiftyThree has refreshed Paper for iPad with hardware-specific support for the advanced blend/erase capabilities and the palm rejection feature which disregards spray input when drawing on the iPad’s touch-sensitive screen…

From the makers of Paper: the Pencil stylus

A stylus has always been handy for artists needing to work on a design using the iPad. For the rest of us, a pen-based tablet has been more of a pain.

Now comes a new stylus that just might be both attractive and useful. The accessory, dubbed Pencil, comes from the folks who introduced us to the Paper iPad app.

First, Pencil from FifthyThree is flat – like a carpenter’s – so no more chasing a rolling stylus. Secondly, the stylus includes a USB port, making the tool practical beyond simply jotting down a note on your iPad…