Facebook updates Paper app with support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Facebook today issued an update for its popular Paper app, bringing the iOS client to build 1.2.4. Inline with recent updates for the native Facebook app, and Messenger, the latest version of Paper brings about support for the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

In the release notes, Facebook says that Paper “looks beautiful on the latest iPhones,” as it’s now optimized for their Retina HD displays. It also adds that 1.2.4 includes performance improvements, bug fixes—particularly one involving the keyboard, and is more reliable.

Facebook fixes iOS 8 Notification and Camera Roll issues plaguing its Paper app

Social networking behemoth Facebook at last has gotten around fixing a pair of annoying issues with its Paper application on the iPhone and iPod touch devices running Apple’s refreshed iOS 8 mobile operating system.

In addition to unspecified performance improvements that should ensure Paper is as fast as ever, the new version has solved problems with Facebook Push Notifications and Camera Roll access on iOS 8 devices.

Facebook updates Paper for iPhone with iOS 8 compatibility, adds HD video uploading

The social networking behemoth Facebook has just updated its popular Paper app for the iPhone with iOS 8 compatibility following the release of Apple’s mobile operating system this morning.

Facebook Paper version 1.2.2, a maintenance update, also enables high-definition video uploading. Previously, you could only upload photos in high-definition so this is going to be a nice upgrade for users who tend to post lots of video clips to the social network on the go.

FiftyThree teases Surface Pressure coming to Pencil this Fall with iOS 8

Fans of the awesome Paper drawing app for the iPad by FiftyThree and owners of the startup’s companion Pencil stylus will no doubt be looking forward to upgrading to iOS 8 in order to take advantage of a new Surface Pressure feature coming to Pencil and Paper this Fall.

Billed as an industry-first feature, Surface Pressure taps iOS 8’s variable touch sizing and leverages Pencil’s uniquely-designed tip to vary the pressure, thickness and width of lines you create, mimicking the behavior of real-life artistic drawing tools such as dry pastel chalks and charcoals…

Facebook updates Paper with mentions, hashtags, profile editing, better photo viewer and much more

Facebook has just pushed a massive update to its Paper for iPhone app, bringing out a host of much-needed features, starting with the ability to edit your profile picture and cover photo.

The free application now allows you to view photo tags, too, and use mentions to tag friends and let them know about the story. You can explore hashtags to see all the related posts, tilt the phone to explore every detail of the photo, tap-and-hold text to copy it from a post you’re reading, change your audience after you post and more…

FiftyThree’s Paper updated with new iOS 7 design, improved zoom and more

FiftyThree announced a significant update for its popular Paper for iPad drawing app this afternoon, bringing the app to version 1.6.1. The update brings about an iOS 7-inspired redesign with new fonts, buttons and toggles, as well as a handful of other improvements.
Among those improvements are more powerful zoom and ink—when you zoom in on your artwork, your tools do too, giving you finer control over the smaller areas—and better dot control. Now, the dot size in your Draw and Erase tools is linked to how long you press…

Facebook updates Paper with new sharing options, sound settings and more

Facebook has posted an update for its just-released Paper app this morning, bringing the app to version 1.0.2. The update adds a handful of new features, as well as several improvements including those in the form of reliability and performance.
On the new feature front, Facebook has added the ability to share articles via Facebook Messages, text message, or email. And you can also now turn off the app’s sound effects so you can browse through the posts of your friends and family in peace…

How to read iDownloadBlog from Facebook’s new Paper app

I’m usually not much of a Facebook user but I have to admit I have been spending more time on the social network in the last two days than I have in the whole last month. Why is that? It’s simply due to their new app named Paper, which lets you browse Facebook in a beautiful and intuitive way. If you haven’t tried it yet, I really encourage you to have a look at it. It might change the way you see Facebook, at least until they slap a bunch of ads on it.

Although there is no way to customize the sections of Paper with the content of your choice besides the default ones, I want to show you how you can browse through iDB’s latest post using Paper…

In response to Facebook’s Paper, FiftyThree files trademark application for the term ‘Paper’

Facebook yesterday released its new Paper for iPhone app, a free download, prompting a swift response from Seattle- and New York-based FiftyThree which slammed the social networking behemoth for ignoring the fact that the Paper name has been associated with FiftyThree’s own iPad drawing program, also a free download from the App Store.

The small startup said Facebook had ignored requests to change its app name even though FiftyThree filed for the ‘Paper by FiftyThree’ trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in May of 2012.

Not content with Zuck & Co. piggy-backing on the established Paper brand, FiftyThree has now moved to file a trademark for the term ‘Paper’ itself. Grab your popcorn…

Facebook refuses to change Paper app’s name following FiftyThree’s objection

Facebook’s new Paper for iPhone app is out in the wild now. Released earlier this morning as a free download in the US App Store, already the software has created a controversy by using the same name as FiftyThree’s popular drawing program, Paper for iPad, also a free download.

Facebook was of course aware of FiftyThree’s Paper, Apple’s 2012 iPad App of the Year. In fact, the social networking giant was kindly asked well in advance of its own release to avoid using the same name, but refused…

Facebook’s new Paper app lands in the App Store

Facebook’s new Paper for iPhone app has just landed in the App Store, download it free. The news-reading application, which employs beautiful edge-to-edge design and Flipboard-like gestures, serves both stories surfaced from your News Feed and cherry-picked items from big name publications curated by Facebook editors. The app can be customized with a choice of more than a dozen topics ranging photography and sports to food, science and design, with each section including “a rich mix of content from emerging voices and well-known publications”…

Facebook announces new iPhone app, Paper, coming to App Store next Monday

The rumors were true: the social networking giant Facebook on Thursday officially announced its brand new social newsreader application for the iPhone. Called Paper (not to be confused with this), the app is scheduled to hit the App Store next Monday, February 3, 2014. The company has released a nice video walkthrough, embedded below the fold, which shows off really nicely done – gorgeously, dare I say – layout, fluidly animated interface and some familiar Flipboard-like gestures…