Pandora’s iOS revamp launches with Thumb History, new mini player and more

The iPhone edition of Pandora Radio, a music streaming service with more than 75 million listeners each month, has just received a visual makeover. The company previewed it almost two months ago, though the iPad edition hasn't been refreshed today.

Version 5.7 of Pandora Radio sports a cleaned-up appearance with fancy new transitions and animations. In addition to the facelift, the iPhone app also includes enhanced station personalization capabilities, improved artist discovery, greater use of thumbing and much more.

Pandora previews UI redesign with emphasis on thumbing, new Station Personalization and more

Pandora, the popular U.S. based music streaming and automated music recommendation service, on Tuesday showed off an upcoming iPhone app update sporting a revamped interface with new Station Personalization features, greater focus on thumbing and more.

Though still a few weeks away, developers were kind enough to share a few screenshots showing the streamlined interface featuring a thumbs-up icon on the Now Playing screen for rating songs, personalized genre and artist suggestions at the top of your list of stations and more.

Pandora, Spotify beating Apple’s Beats handsomely on App Store

Pandora and Spotify rank as the number one and number two music streaming apps in terms of downloads, analytics firm AppAnnie reports - no big surprise. However, where things become interesting is that Apple's Beats Music, which the company purchased for $3 billion in May, is placed ninth, below iHeartRadio, SoundCloud and Apple's GarageBand.

OneThumb: a universal thumbs up/down tweak for Spotify, Pandora and iTunes Radio

OneThumb is a unique new jailbreak tweak that works with Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio. It allows you to use a universal Activator gesture to input thumbs up or thumbs down ratings across all eligible apps.

Instead of having different manners and methods for curating radio stations, OneThumb brings it all under one umbrella. We've tested it out, and we can vouch that the tweak works exactly as it is described. Take a look at our video inside for all of the details.

Pandora alarm clock now available on iPad, launches Pebble app for iOS

You've been able to wake up to your favorite Pandora station since last December, assuming you're enjoying the popular Internet radio service on your iPhone. On Monday, Pandora has finally rolled out the useful alarm clock feature to the iPad.

It's pretty straightforward and works a lot like the alarm clock feature in the iPhone edition: you just pick your favorite song or station to play as your alarm, knowing you'll be woken up to your favorite music.

And should you decide you could use a few extra minutes of sleep instead of waking up early to eat breakfast, you can do so by adjusting your snooze time...

Pandora upping monthly ‘One’ fee, dropping annual subscriptions

Pandora announced this week that it is going to making some significant changes to its Pandora One subscription service over the next couple of months. Most notably, it's going to be raising the monthly subscription cost and eliminating the annual option.

Citing rising licensing costs, Pandora says that it's raising its 'One' fee from $3.99 per month to $4.99 per month, and taking away the discounted annual plan altogether. The company says that royalty rates it pays to artists have increased 53% since it began...

iTunes Radio now the third most popular streaming music service in US

A new report from Edison Research says that iTunes Radio has become the third most popular streaming music service in the US. The marketing research firm says that Apple's Radio service, which is less than 6 months old, just surpassed Spotify to take the #3 spot.

According to the data iTunes Radio now sits behind Pandora, who has 31% of the US streaming music market, and iHeartRadio, which has 9%. Then it comes in at 8%, Spotify at 6% and both Google Play All Access and Rhapsody come in at 3% and 2% respectively...

Apple’s new CarPlay feature will not support Pandora at launch

When Apple officially announced CarPlay, its highly anticipated vehicle integration project, yesterday, it noted the feature would support third-party music apps. The list it provided, however, was rather short including just iTunes Radio, Beats, Spotify, Stitcher Radio and iHeartRadio.

So what about all of the others? It's not looking good. Pandora confirmed with MacRumors last night that CarPlay will not include integration with its popular streaming music service, at least at launch. Despite this, the company says that Apple "continues to be a valued partner."

Pandora app updated with Sleep Timer for iPad, push notifications and more

Pandora Radio users will be happy to hear that the streaming music service has just posted an update for its iOS client, bringing the app to version 5.2. The update brings about several enhancements, including two new features for the iPhone and iPad.

On the iPad front, Pandora has made its Sleep Timer feature universal. So tablet users can now fall asleep to their favorite tunes without worrying about all-night data usage. And for all devices, it has added new a personalized push notification feature...

Pandora adding personalized station recommendations to its mobile apps

With competition from services like Spotify and Apple's iTunes Radio increasing, and the Beats Music launch on the horizon, Pandora announced this week that it's rolling out a new feature to its mobile apps to help you discover music.

That feature is called 'Personalized Station Recommendations,' and it provides listeners with up to 6 suggested artist stations to listen to at a time. These suggestions are based on your listening habits and like/dislike thumb interactions...

‘RadiSpot’ brings “Open in Spotify” support to Pandora

Pandora is great, but there are times when you don't feel like being told what to listen to, and you know exactly what you want to hear. For times like these, Spotify is best suited for your needs. The point is, both apps have strong points—Pandora is best for music discovery, while Spotify is best for playing exactly what you want to hear.

Wouldn't it be great if these two apps could join forces and take on the evilness that is silence? Indeed! That's what Hashbang productions had in mind when it created this new tweak. Have a look inside to see how RadiSpot works.

Pandora says listening has increased 9% since iTunes Radio debut

Since Apple launched iTunes Radio back in September, industry watchers have kept a close eye on competing streaming music services. After all, the Cupertino company has the resources and user base to put a huge dent in the business.

But apparently the opposite has happened for Pandora. The company's CFO Michael Herring spoke yesterday at a Morgan Stanley conference in San Francisco, and he says listening has increased 9% since iTunes Radio made its debut...