How to pair AirPods and other Bluetooth audio devices with Nintendo Switch

Pairing AirPods with Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has a built-in audio system so that you can game on the go, but when your surroundings are obnoxious enough, you won’t get to enjoy it as much as you could in a quiet setting. Fortunately, you can pair Bluetooth audio devices with your Nintendo Switch to help immerse you in your game’s sounds, such as AirPods, or better yet, Apple’s flagship noise cancelling AirPods Pro 2.

Apple Pencil won’t pair with your iPad? Try these fixes

Apple Pencil kept on an iPad

Maybe you just got an Apple Pencil or a new iPad and want to use this convenient combo. But for some reason, unknown to you, you can’t pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad. In this tutorial, we’ll explain several methods to remedy this situation, beginning with which Apple Pencils work with which iPads.

Apple shares new AirPods ads showcasing Siri, seamless Bluetooth pairing & more

Male headshot showing a profile of a young person wearing an AirPod in their left ear

Apple on Saturday shared four brief television commercials for AirPods on its official YouTube channel, running fifteen seconds long each. The videos showcase some of the key user features of the wireless earphones, like accessing Siri with a double-tap and seamless Bluetooth pairing on Apple gear made possible by the firm's in-house designed wireless chip, dubbed the W1. Watch the new ads and let us know how you like them in comments.

In addition to the company's first-ever AirPods ads, they also released a new fitness-focused Apple Watch advertisement which challenges you to close those Activity rings.