The 5 best free apps for taking notes on Apple Watch (2022)

Best Apps for Taking Notes on Apple Watch

Using your Apple Watch for taking notes makes perfect sense because it’s right on your wrist. You might jot down something you need when you get to the office or just want to capture an idea on the go. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch doesn’t currently offer the Notes app you use on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

For those who want to create and view notes anytime, anywhere, right from their wrist, this list is for you. Here are the best free apps for taking notes on Apple Watch.

Microsoft refreshes OneNote apps with new design and accessibility features

Software maker Microsoft on Friday rolled out new versions of its note-taking apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows 10 and the web. OneNote's interface has been tidied up and navigation improved in the latest release.

The app now includes new assistive features to help users with disabilities.


OneNote's revamped interface makes organizing your notes easier than before with an improved layout. You'll notice that the reworked interface puts your content front and center, with all of the notebooks, sections and pages moved to columns on the left side of the app.

This allows for efficient organization of your notebooks.

The company celebrated the redesigned OneNote launch with the following video.

The newly implemented accessibility features, available across iOS and macOS, let people with various disabilities efficiently navigate the app with screen readers, improved keyboard shortcuts and other assistive technologies.

And with the left-hand navigation controls, screen readers can easily navigate through the app.

OneNote is now available with a consistent experience across devices: with this update, says Microsoft, your experience will be the same regardless of what device you happen to be using.

The new redesign for OneNote is rolling out for Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and on the web over the coming weeks so check back later if it's not live yet.

OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is available free on App Store.

OneNote for Mac is available free on Mac App Store.

OneNote for iPhone gains note previews, Mac edition improves collaboration

Thursday, Microsoft made the iPhone and Mac edition of OneNote even better by adding previews to help quickly find notes on the Apple smartphone while bringing out more notebook sharing enhancements on the Mac.

Note previews are comprised of a headline and an excerpt of the text and include a small thumbnail to help visualize its contents.

These snapshots are readily glanceable from your page list and your Recent Notes list and even incorporate handwriting so it's really easy to quickly locate the note you want to read or edit on the go.

OneNote for iPad gains handwriting, stylus support with palm rejection and OCR for images

After updating the Mac edition of OneNote with enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) features and other goodies yesterday, Microsoft on Thursday announced that users of OneNote for iPad can now extract text within all images that are added to notebooks saved on OneDrive.

In addition, the iPad application now has handwriting support, a top requested feature which permits users to highlight documents, scribble notes or just draw sketches with their finger. With this update, handwriting is now available in OneNote across all platforms.

OneNote for Mac gains enhanced OCR features and other goodies

After adding the ability search for words in images to OneNote for the iPhone, iPad and Mac last summer, Microsoft today refreshed the Mac client by enhancing the somewhat limited functionality of the optical character recognition (OCR) feature.

In addition, the software contains other perks such as the ability to hide author initials in shared notebooks from the View tab and close the OneNote window without quitting the app.

OneNote for the Mac, iPhone and iPad is available at no cost through the Mac App Store and App Store.

OneNote gains Touch ID, iOS 8 Storage extension and more

Microsoft on Tuesday updated OneNote for iOS and OS X with useful new features, including fingerprint based Touch ID authentication to unlock password protected sections of your notebooks.

There's also a new Storage Provider extension in iOS 8 which let you easily add files to your notebooks from your favorite cloud storage service like, say, Dropbox.

On the iPhone, OneNote finally allows you to move and rearrange your notes anywhere you like. Moreover, the note-taking app has now gained ability to open notebooks stored on SharePoint Servers.

OneNote for the iPhone, iPad and Mac apps are free downloads.

OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac now lets you insert files, password-protect sections and more

Software giant Microsoft today is pushing a major update to its note-taking application for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, OneNote. Available free of charge, the new OneNote sports half a dozen new features and enhancements.

Among them: the ability to lock or unlock password-protected sections created in OneNote for Windows and another one making it possible to insert files into your notes from other applications using the 'Open In' function.

You can then open the inserted file within the app, by double-tapping, or send it to nearby devices through Apple's wireless sharing technology, AirDrop. Read on to learn about other new features in OneNote for iOS and OS X....

Microsoft updates OneNote for iPhone/Mac with new look, Office Lens and more

After updating Office for iPad apps with a new printing capability and a few other useful features that boost your mobile productivity, software maker Microsoft today issued a refresh for its note-taking app, OneNote, that contains some much appreciated enhancements on both the iPhone and Mac systems.

The new versions of OneNote, available free in the App Store and Mac App Store, have gained a dozen new features.

Most notably, OneNote for the iPhone now lets you create new notebooks and sections, includes a new design and comes with an optical character recognition feature called Office Lens. The Mac edition has received even more goodies...

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for iPad hit 12M downloads

Seven days into the Office for iPad release on Apple's platform, the native Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications for the iPad have been downloaded twelve million times, the Windows giant confirmed on Twitter this morning.

Microsoft released Word, Excel and PowerPoint as individual downloads for the iPad on March 27, 2014. The software giant's note-taking app, OneNote, hit the App Store ten days earlier, on March 17, 2014.

OneNote got refreshed the same day native Word, Excel and PowerPoint debuted on the App Store to bring it in line with the rest of the Office for iPad suite. You can download Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote individually in the App Store, for free...

Microsoft updates OneNote for iPad, bringing it in line with new Office apps

As you've probably heard by now, Microsoft finally launched its Office apps on the iPad today. You can now download touch-friendly versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to your Apple-flavored tablet for free, although some features will cost you.

The initial reaction has been pretty positive thus far, with many reviewers saying that Office for iPad is both functional and well-designed. And this afternoon, Microsoft brought that popular new design to its OneNote iPad app by way of an update...

Microsoft’s OneNote hits Mac App Store, available free for a limited time

The rumors were true: Windows giant Microsoft has just released its note-taking app, OneNote, for the Mac.

It's available right now in the Mac App Store free of charge for a limited time and includes a brand new clipper feature akin to Evernote, as well as a host of other capabilities designed to boost your productivity.

OneNote is also available for Android, Windows and Windows Phone devices.

As a result, your notes are platform-agnostic, synchronize across all devices, multiple people can collaborate on them and more. The full reveal is right below the fold.

Microsoft OneNote reportedly hitting Mac soon: free, new clipper feature and more

Windows giant Microsoft is said to be bringing its note-taking app, OneNote, to the Mac later this month. The company has companion OneNote apps for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store, available free of charge. On the desktop side of things, however, the app's been exclusive to Windows.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft, for the first time, will be making the desktop app free to both Mac and Windows users in March, unbundling it fully from the cost of Office.

The Redmond giant originally released OneNote more than a decade ago...