How to reduce background noise in iMovie

Reduce background noise in iMovie

If you captured a video that you’d like to use in another creation or simply edit in iMovie, you may have to make some adjustments. You might need to repair the color or fix a shaky video. Another enhancement you might want to make is to remove background noise.

If you shot your video outside on a windy day or around another distracting sound, background noise can hinder an otherwise terrific video. Here’s how you can reduce background noise in iMovie on Mac and iOS.

Apple Watch Noise app helps autistic man with social issues

Noise app

Apple introduced the Noise app with watchOS 6 this year. The feature – available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later - measures ambient noise, and is aimed at helping Apple Watch wearers to protect their hearing. Now People magazine has a story about how the Noise app is helping an autistic man to manage an issue that could cause social discomfort.

Adjust and manage AirPods Pro Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency

AirPods Pro Noise Controls Control Center

If you’ve recently purchased AirPods Pro, then you’re going to want to get familiar with the noise-control modes. You have three modes; Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off. You can change these settings based on how much sound you want to hear around you.

This tutorial shows you how to adjust Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency for your AirPods Pro.