First screenshots of Firefox OS arrive

Mozilla’s Firefox OS may be driven by HTML5 but it sure looks a lot like an unusual cross between iOS and Android. It’s already got strong support from carriers and now the first screenshots depicting the user interface and various system apps have surfaced.

The interface looks distinct enough to stand on its own, even though Mozilla clearly borrowed some of the best design practices from iOS and Android…

Mozilla’s mobile OS gains support from carriers, first phones in 2013

If Facebook building a phone was too much too handle, wait ’till you hear this. Mozilla, an open-source, non-profit organization behind the Firefox browser, announced this morning that its “Boot to Gecko” mobile initiative has gained support from several big telecoms, including Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Smart, Telecom Italia and Telenor, to name a few. Mozilla also said that going forward, its mobile project is to be called Firefox OS. So, when are Firefox phones due and should Apple be worried?

Mozilla prototyping minimalistic iPad web browser

Mozilla, a non-profit organization behind the Firefox browser, is prototyping a brand new web browser for Apple’s iPad.

It’s called Junior and aims to replace a “miserable Safari experience” with “something entirely new”, an app which looks to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor”…