Apple reportedly pulls LG’s new 5K monitor from sale over hardware issues

Here’s another proof Apple should have thought twice before exiting the standalone display business—the company was forced to suspend sales of LG’s new 5K monitor that launched last fall along with the new MacBook Pro following a flurry of complaints from users, ranging from screen flickering to interference with nearby routers to problems with Thunderbolt, Business Insider reported Monday morning.

Apple Stores have stopped carrying the $974 LG UltraFine 5K Display for now. It continues to be available through, with a shipping time of 5-6 weeks and no options for pickup in Apple Stores. Maybe now would be the perfect time to revive the phased-out Apple Thunderbolt Display?

Apple’s officially out of standalone display business

Nilay Patel, Editor-in-chief of The Verge, has confirmed with Apple that the company has officially exited the standalone display business, dashing any hope that we might see a standalone Apple-branded 5K Thunderbolt Display. If you own a Thunderbolt Display, don’t hope for a Retina-enabled upgrade.

Responding to Jason Snell’s notes on the new MacBook Pro over at Six Colors, Patel wrote on Twitter that “Apple told me it’s out of standalone display biz.”

New MacBook-friendly USB Type-C monitors announced

It looks like USB Type-C will be one of the big stories of CES 2016. The USB Type-C connector found on the 12″ MacBook makes it possible to transfer data and display content on a monitor, and at the same time provide power to the MacBook as well.

Having a USB Type-C equipped monitor basically allows said monitor to function as an all-encompassing docking station for the 12″ MacBook. With a single cable, you can provide data transfer, monitor connectivity, and power.

Today, Acer has announced a new line of monitors sporting the H7 series moniker. These monitors are among the first displays to sport USB Type-C connectivity, and when you think about the implications, it’s a very big deal for MacBook owners.