Mobile Substrate

Saurik talks MobileSubstrate, 64-bit jailbreak tweaks and more

The unexpected arrival of an iOS 7 jailbreak has been a welcomed touch to the holidays for most iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, except for those with the latest devices. The all-new iPhone 5s, iPad Air and second-generation iPad mini, each powered by an Apple A7 chip, have faced compatibility issues with most popular jailbreak tweaks. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be the case much longer… 

3 steps to protect your iOS 6 jailbreak

When you consider the amount of hard work that went into providing the public with an iOS 6 jailbreak, and how long it took for that solution to come to fruition, protecting the jailbreak is of paramount concern. Recently BigBoss added a section to each page of its highly visible repo addressing the concern, that’s how important it is.

There are some basic fundamental steps that you should take for the sake of preserving your device’s iOS 6 jailbreak. That’s simply because, as you know, you never know how long it will take for the next jailbreak to come around. Once Apple inevitably addresses the exploits used in the evasi0n untethered jailbreak, chances are we’ll have to wait deep into iOS 7’s lifecycle before we get another jailbreak, if we do at all.

So again, it’s of real concern for those of you who love your jailbroken device, to read the following 3 tips and strategies, and implement them.

Mobile Substrate updated with handy new disable feature

Saurik is on a roll with his Cydia updates today. Earlier this morning he rolled out a new version of WinterBoard. And now we’re going to take a look at the also-new-today Mobile Substrate update.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Mobile Substrate is the de facto framework that allows 3rd-party developers to provide extensions to system functions. And it just received a killer new feature…

MobileSubstrate Updated to Fix Cydia Tweak Crashes on iOS 5.0.1 Untether

Jay Freeman (known as saurik) has pushed an update for MobileSubstrate that addresses the crashing of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia on the iOS 5.0.1 untether. Coincidentally, RedSn0w was updated this morning with a fix for MobileSubstrate crash errors as well.

Users that are jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1 can install version 0.9.3955 of MobileSubstrate now in Cydia to fix tweak crashes. Another huge perk is that MobileSubstrate no longer requires that you reboot iOS every time you install or upgrade the package.

SwitchSubstrate: Disable All Mobile Substrate Tweaks Simultaneously

One of my favorite things about SBSettings is the Mobile Substrate Addons feature that allows you to selectively disable a jailbreak tweak temporarily.

But wouldn’t it be cool if we could disable every Mobile Substrate Addon with one fell swoop? Well, now you can. Introducing SwitchSubstrate, a jailbreak app that allows you to disable all of your Mobile Substrate tweaks with the simple tap of a button…

SemiTether Jailbreak Updated For Stability

The popular SemiTether jailbreak was updated to v0.9.1 this morning, and it’s quite the update.

Working with Saurik, the team was able to fully incorporate the new mobile substrate, which allowed them to get rid of the daemon patching and restarting.

Mobile substrate now does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the SemiTether. There’s even an option to patch Safari to work in non-jailbreak mode now.

Perhaps most importantly, the new version of SemiTether will protect your iOS 5 Notification Center plugins…

New Version of Mobile Substrate Adds ASLR Support

If you’re one of the early birds who decided to jailbreak their iOS 4.3 firmware without proper Mobile Substrate support, we have good news for you.

A patched version of Mobile Substrate is available that reportedly addresses the issues with ASLR.

As you’re aware, the current version of Mobile Substrate doesn’t work with iOS 4.3, rendering many of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks inoperable on Apple’s latest firmware…