mission control

How to navigate the desktop, Dock, and Mission Control using VoiceOver

Use VoiceOver on a MacBook Pro Desktop

The built-in VoiceOver feature on Mac gives you an easier way to do things if you need some extra help. With keyboard commands and spoken feedback, you can take care of tasks that may normally be visually difficult.

With this, you’ll need to know how to navigate the areas of your Mac like the desktop, Dock, and Mission Control. And that’s where this next VoiceOver on Mac how-to will take you. We’ll show you the commands you need for moving around these major areas of your Mac.

New to Mac? Learn the basics of Mission Control

Mission Control Screen Mac

While it sounds like you’re an astronaut preparing for a space adventure, Mission Control on your Mac gives you an overview of your desktop. You can see your open windows and Split View screens, and then move between them easily. Mission Control works with a dual monitor setup and multiple desktops.

For those new to Mac who may not be familiar with how to access, use, or adjust the settings for it, this tutorial teaches you the basics of Mission Control on Mac.