Low Power Mode

Why cope with a dumb Low Power Mode when you can use SmarterLPM?

Low Power Mode is an incredibly handy utility that helps iPhone users get the most out of their handsets when the battery level falls below a comfortable percentage. Apple designed Low Power Mode in such a way that users wouldn’t need to interact with the feature all that much, but in doing so, they also limited the possibility of advanced configurations tailored for ideal low-power setups.

Given the circumstances mentioned above, it’s not difficult to understand why iOS developer smokin1337 has released a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SmarterLPM. Just as the tweak’s name suggests, SmarterLPM aims to make Low Power Mode a whole lot more useful for users with the help of deeply integrated user-configurable settings.

SmartBattery can help improve your jailbroken handset’s battery life

Apple touted significant gains to battery life with the brand-new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max handsets at this year’s Keynote, but for those still handling older devices, every drop of precious battery juice is vital to a full days’ worth of digital enjoyment.

If you’re jailbroken and looking to improve your battery life throughout daily usage, then you might want to turn your attention to a newly released jailbreak tweak called SmartBattery by iOS developer elias. Like countless other tweaks before it, SmartBattery plays on iOS’ native Low Power Mode feature while adding oodles of additional options to make it right for you.

SBTaps brings useful shortcuts to your iPhone’s Status Bar

If you wanted a quick shortcut to something, then you could surely open Control Center and access the toggle for it. But why waste time opening another interface when the best one for the job is already waiting for you in plain sight?

That’s the idea behind a new free jailbreak tweak called SBTaps by iOS developer Hydri, which provides jailbreakers with the ability to use their handset’s Status Bar as an intuitive interface for accessing shortcuts and toggles.

NoLowPowerAutoLock disables the 30-second auto-lock when Low Power Mode is turned on

iPhone owners can use the included Low Power Mode to save battery life on their iPhone in a pinch, and while it can be useful, I don’t particularly care for how it forces a 30-second auto-lock down your throat.

Apple doesn’t give you a way to increase the auto-lock timeout on a stock device with Low Power Mode enabled, but jailbreakers can take advantage of a free jailbreak tweak called NoLowPowerAutoLock by iOS developer SparkDev to command differently.

This tweak transforms iOS’ low battery pop-ups into banner notifications

When your iPhone’s battery level dips below 20%, a persistent pop-up alert appears front and center on your display to let you know. Most people cringe at these kinds of notifications because they get in the way of everything, but a free jailbreak tweak called LowBatteryBanner by iOS developer SparkDev can help.

As you might have inferred from the name already, LowBatteryBanner replaces the standard low battery level pop-up alert with something we can all appreciate: a banner notification.

QuietApps mitigates interruptions while you use specific apps

Your iPhone comes with a feature known as Do Not Disturb that can help mitigate the influx of notifications when using your device or sleeping, but have you ever wished you could minimize interruptions while using specific apps?

If so, then we advise checking out a powerful new jailbreak tweak called QuietApps by iOS developer smokin1337. With it, you can configure a plethora of convenience options on a per-app basis.

Customize your iPhone’s battery indicator with SmoothBattery

Out all the different indicators that appear in your iPhone’s Status Bar, the battery indicator is one of the most pertinent. But while it’s great at its job of displaying how much battery life you have left, it doesn’t have much to speak for in terms of user customization.

A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SmoothBattery by iOS developer CydiaGeek changes that by providing iOS device users with a host of new battery indicator-centric configuration options.

QuickPowerMode toggles Low Power Mode when you tap on the Status Bar battery icon

If you use Low Power Mode to save power when your battery percentage gets too low for comfort, but hate how cumbersome it is to turn the feature on, then a new free jailbreak tweak called QuickPowerMode by Olxios&Nico should be the next thing you install on your jailbroken iPhone.

This tweak makes it easier to toggle Low Power Mode. With it, all you have to do is tap on the battery icon in your Status Bar, and this turns the feature on or off.

Choose when Low Power Mode automatically toggles on or off with Low Power Modder

One way to conserve power on your iPhone when the battery level gets uncomfortably low is to turn on the built-in Low Power Mode. This feature reduces power consumption on your iPhone by doing things like reducing your screen brightness, slashing background tasks, and making your iPhone fall asleep faster, among other things.

On the other hand, iOS doesn’t kick itself into Low Power Mode automatically until you reach at staggeringly-low 20% of your battery life. By that point, you’re already grasping at straws. That’s why iFlames released a new free jailbreak tweak called Low Power Modder in Cydia.