Some thoughts on Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ biopic

The long-awaited 'Jobs' biopic, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, opened in theaters this weekend, and by all counts it's been a bit of a flop. According to Deadline Hollywood, it's sitting at the #7 spot, pulling in just $6.7 million domestically.

But is it really that bad of a movie? No. Then why is it doing so poorly? That's a tough question to answer, but I'm going to try to do it in the following paragraphs. Don't worry, I imagine this is the fiftieth 'Jobs' review you've come across, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

I saw Jobs yesterday afternoon, with my girlfriend. We went to the 12:50pm showing, and unfortunately we got there just as the previews were starting. So if they had shown the new Mac Pro commercial, we missed it.

The movie opens with Ashton—I mean Steve making his way to the stage for his big iPod unveiling in October of 2001. It then flashes back to his early 20's and proceeds to take us on a journey of the founding of Apple...

Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ biopic opens to mixed reviews

After months of speculation, interviews, and movie clips, the highly anticipated 'Jobs' biopic starring Ashton Kutcher finally hit theaters today. And despite Open Road Film's best marketing efforts, initial reviews are a mixed bag.

Looking at review aggregation site metacritic, the flick scored a decent 43 out of 100, but over at Rotten Tomatoes, it scored just 25 out of 100. Want to see what others thought about the movie? Keep reading for our review roundup...

New ‘Jobs’ clips hit the web ahead of Friday release

It's been a long road for 'Jobs,' the film about Apple's leader and co-founder starring Ashton Kutcher. We first found out about the movie project back in early 2012, and there's been non-stop reports, photos, trailers and interviews ever since.

But the time has finally come. Jobs is set to open in 2,381 theaters around the world tomorrow, and wouldn't you know it, two new clips from the film have hit the web today. They contain some new footage, so check them out after the fold...

In another major Maps push, Apple seeking dozens of Ground Truth specialists

A bunch of job ads surfaced earlier today on Apple's website, advertising positions on the company's Maps team. The iPhone maker is seeking so-called ground truth specialists around the world to help correct address and landmark inaccuracies.

Apple is looking for people "with a passion for mapping, great testing skills, and deep regional knowledge to help us build better and better maps".

Ideal candidates will be responsible for the quality assessment of Apple's Maps in their region, including both data and map services...

iOS keyboard to gain additional languages and scripts, job posts indicate

Whenever I find myself entangled in another Android vs. iOS debate, Android's liberalized keyboard is unmistakably brought up as a key argument playing to Google's favor. Indeed, for the most part the iOS keyboard has remained unchanged throughout the years, sans a few improvements here and there.

That will change when iOS 7 comes this Fall as it makes the iOS keyboard smarter by introducing black and white theme, enhanced auto-correct that can fix misspellings in a combination of words and a few other small tweaks. While there are no signs of Apple opening up the iOS keyboard to third-party developers anytime soon, new job ads indicate the company is working on adding support for additional languages and writing systems...

Here’s official promotional poster for Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs movie

With a little over a month until Ashton Kutcher's movie based on Steve Jobs's life, Open Road Films has released a promotional poster for the upcoming flick. The official tagline: "Some see what’s possible, others change what’s possible”.

It shows a close up of Kutcher's character wearing his trademark spectacles, turtleneck and beard. Jobs is pictured against the colorful background in an obvious hint to Apple's early days when the company's logo had psychedelic colors...

First full trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ film released

The first official trailer for Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' was finally released today, giving the general public its first glimpse at the movie. We saw a snippet of the film earlier this year, when it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, but it never really made it beyond the tech world.

'Jobs' has had an interesting year thus far. After receiving mixed reviews at Sundance, the film's April release date was canceled and the project was shelved. Then, earlier this month, we learned it would finally be hitting theaters in August. So without further ado, here's your trailer...

Four Apple execs dominate best-paid corporate jobs in America

Although Apple compensated its CEO Tim Cook for the calendar year 2012 with a $1.36 million base salary and $2.8 million in compensation related to incentive plans, he didn't made the top five highest-rewarded corporate executives list in Standard & Poor’s top 500 companies. Instead, per Bloomberg's report filed Monday, four members of the Apple leadership dominate that list.

To be clear, these numbers count both base salaries and stock options companies usually give to their top dogs as sort of a retainer. Specifically, Bob Mansfield, Peter Oppenheimer, Bruce Sewell and Jeffrey Williams all made the top five highest-paid execs list, according to fiscal 2012 compensation figures for top earners filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission...

Apple looking for an engineer to help investigate flexible display tech

According to a job listing posted on its website April 1, Apple is looking for a Senior Optical Engineer to lead the investigation on emerging display technologies, including high efficiency LCD panels and flexible displays.

The latter seems to confirm speculation that Apple is interested in incorporating flexible display tech into future iOS devices—something that's been hinted at in patent filings, and brought up in recent iWatch rumors...

Apple hiring software engineer for AuthenTec fingerprint sensor team

Last summer, Apple acquired AuthenTec, a Florida-based smart sensor company known for its embedded security and identity management technology. The news of the acquisition has sparked speculation that we will see fingerprint sensors in future iOS devices.

And Apple itself is adding fuel to that fire today, with a new job listing posted on its website. Apparently the Cupertino company is looking for a software engineer to join its team of fingerprint sensor engineers down in Melbourne, Florida at AuthenTec's headquarters...

Apple says its iOS app economy created 80,000 US jobs last year

Apple has come under heavy fire in recent years by critics for outsourcing its manufacturing jobs to Asia. Folks don't like the fact that while the US struggles with unemployment, it pays Chinese factory workers to build its products just to save a few dollars.

In response to the criticism, Apple posted a new page on its website last year touting the more than 500,000 jobs it's either created or supported in the US with its business. In fact, according to its records, its app economy alone created 80,000 jobs last year...

Apple looking to beef up Maps team with ‘Ground Truth’ managers

When Apple released iOS 6 last year, it replaced the long-running Google Maps app with its own in-house mapping software. And, as most of you know, it took a lot of criticism over the move due to its inaccurate map data, missing features and other issues.

It was so bad, in fact, that Tim Cook wrote an open letter to iOS users, promising Apple would work non-stop to make it better. And it has been. It's already made several improvements to the app, and is in the middle of a big hiring push for its Maps team...