Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks

These are the latest jailbreak apps and tweaks available for your iPhone or iPad. We save you time by highlighting only the best tweaks.

This tweak prevents YouTube from showing those unsightly recommended video thumbnails at the end of every video

I use YouTube all the time — so much in fact that I decided to join the YouTube Premium bandwagon to take advantage of an ad-free viewing experience and background playback via the iOS app.

But even as a YouTube Premium user, I’m still plagued by YouTube’s uncanny attempt to lure me into the platform’s black hole by way of suggested video thumbnails at the end of every video I watch.

HiddenLock14 requires Face ID authentication to open the Photos app’s “Hidden” album

Most of us have a few photos in our Photo Library that we might want to keep to ourselves, especially in the case of handing our phone to a friend or stranger who might scroll through our Photo Library.

The Photos app includes a dedicated “Hidden” album for instances just like these that can be used to omit certain media from the Photo Library, but unfortunately, it isn’t protected in any way, shape, or form.

DNDBadges makes notification badges purple when Do Not Disturb mode is turned on

Do Not Disturb mode is an indispensable feature on iPhones and iPads that I’ve grown particularly fond of over the years. Although it isn’t new, I still use it just as much today as I did when it first came out.

There’s just one problem — it’s can be all too easy to forget that you turned Do Not Disturb mode on in the first place, which sometimes results in missed notifications that you otherwise didn’t intend to silence.

Snooze++ lets jailbreakers specify custom alarm snooze durations via the Clock app

Anyone who uses an alarm to get up in the morning should be at least vaguely familiar with the snooze function, which allows you to procrastinate with respect to waking up for a short period of time before the alarm goes off again. The iPhone’s built-in alarm function also provides this feature, albeit not with as much customization as some would like.

Snooze++ is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer arya1106 that changes this for alarm-using jailbreakers. With it, users can optimize each of their individual alarms’ snooze durations directly from iOS’ native Clock app.

Arizona lets jailbreakers reposition the Lock Screen’s date and time

While Apple has experimented with bolder and lighter fonts for the Lock Screen’s date and time display over the years, one thing that certainly hasn’t changed would be the position of this element.

For as long as I can remember, the Lock Screen’s date and time display has been centered somewhere within the top 1/3 of the display. Apple doesn’t provide any options in iOS for customizing the Lock Screen’s date and time display positioning, and with that in mind, it may come as no surprise that the jailbreak community has developed its own means of doing so.

This jailbreak tweak enables Battery Health on iPads and iPod touches

When navigating to Settings →  Battery →  Battery Health on an iPhone, users can determine just how used and abused that handset’s internal battery might be.

This feature has been used for a multitude of reasons ranging from discerning when a battery needs to be replaced to identifying whether a used iPhone is worth the asking price. This of course begs the obvious question… why hasn’t Apple enabled this feature on iPads and iPod touches yet?

Gradi brings a YouTube Music / Google Music-inspired Now Playing widget to iOS

Anyone who listens to a lot of music on their iPhone will be familiar with what iOS’ Now Playing widget looks like. Found on both the Lock Screen and in the Notification Center interface, iOS’ Now Playing widget has retained generally the same look and feel albeit with minor aesthetic changes over the years.

Those wishing for an entirely new aesthetic won’t find it in an Apple-provided update, but a new jailbreak tweak called Gradi by iOS developer Ginsu seeks to offer at least some form of interesting flavor in this department by providing users a YouTube Music / Google Music-inspired Now Playing widget interface that replaces iOS’ native one.

Jailbreak tweaks of the week: DigitalClock, ipaddock14, Velox Reloaded 2, & more…

Now that there are three major iOS & iPadOS 14-supported jailbreaks available to the community, including checkra1n, Taurine, and unc0ver, we’re seeing more jailbreakers jump onboard than ever before.

With that in mind, lots of jailbreakers are wondering what tweaks they should install to augment their liberated device, and this roundup will help with that by providing a curated list of the recent jailbreak tweak releases spanning the week of Monday, April 5th to Sunday April 11th.

Libhooker updated to v1.6.0 to fix Caller ID & Call Blocking app bug

If you’re using a jailbreak that utilizes CoolStar’s libhooker tweak injection method, be it Chimera for iOS 12, Odyssey for iOS or iPadOS 13, Taurine for iOS or iPadOS 14, or Odysseyra1n for any firmware ranging from iOS 12 to iOS or iPadOS 14, then it would be advisable to launch the Sileo package manager and refresh your sources this morning.

Upon doing so, you should take notice of an updated iteration of libhooker, which appears to have been updated to version 1.6.0.

Alternate your iPhone’s Status Bar time indicator between the date and time with TimeStamp

The iPhone’s Status Bar has always been home to a time indicator  so that you can always glance there from any interface you might be using to see what time it is. But how many times have you found yourself wondering what the date is — just to find yourself going back to the Home Screen or Lock Screen to check?

I’ve long wondered why the iPhone’s Status Bar didn’t display the date in addition to the time, and interestingly enough, iPadOS now does this natively. This begs the question of why a similar feature isn’t yet available for the iPhone or iPod Touch, especially with the extra vertical real estate afforded by the device’s notch.

Uranium offers free all-in-one iOS customization for jailbreakers on iOS 13 or 14

If you just jailbroke your iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14 device and you’re in the market for a way to make subtle adjustments to your mobile operating system without breaking the bank, then we’ve got a treat for you.

Uranium is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer FissionDev that introduces a myriad of miscellaneous options for tweaking the iOS and iPadOS user interface.