iPhone 5

More Evidence Points to September Launch of iPhone 5

Following yesterday's report from Avian Securities regarding the release of the iPhone 5, a new report from Digital Daily seems to lend more credence to the previous rumors.

According to a Digital Daily report, Apple is planning to unveil the next-generation iPhone 5 at its annual September media event that usually focuses on the iPod.

Rumor: iPhone 5 Production Won’t Start Until September

The latest in iPhone 5 rumors claims that Apple won't be starting mass production of the iPhone 5 until September, which corroborates previous reports that Apple won't be unveiling the device at WWDC this summer.

If production doesn't start until September, Apple could be waiting to unveil and announce ship dates for the next gen iPhone at their annual September event. Although iOS 5 will be previewed this summer, there could be an official launch of Apple's new software alongside an iPhone 5 announcement later this year...

iPhone 5 Launch Rumors Continue, Will Not Launch in June

If you're confused about release dates surrounding the iPhone 5, you're not the only one. In classic fashion, rumors have been flying left and right about when Apple's next gen iPhone will be announced.

Originally, reliable sources said that, unlike Apple's previous track record, there would be no iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC this June. Several authoritative sources all agreed that Apple would not release the iPhone 5 during the typical summer time frame.

Yesterday, a report from a Korean site claimed that Apple would in fact have a hardware announcement at WWDC in June. This claim directly opposed the previous consensus that Apple would hold off on the iPhone 5 launch. And it appears that the recent, Korean-based rumor is false...

Rumor: iPhone 5 Will Launch at End of June

A report from the Korean site ETNews.co.kr claims that Apple will release the iPhone 5 on the 4th week of June. This rumor directly opposes the previous claim from TechCrunch that Apple would push back the iPhone 5 announcement to later this fall.

ETNews bases this report on inside knowledge that Korean wireless providers SK Telecom and KT will be the first to carry Apple's next iPhone. Will we see an iPhone 5 hardware announcement at WWDC this summer after all?

iPhone 5 Probably Won’t Be Seen at WWDC This Summer

A series of new developments has shed some light on Apple's product roadmap for the coming year. First, we thought that Apple would be holding a media event in April for iOS 5 and MobileMe. TechCrunch followed up on those rumors by saying that iOS 5 would be pushed back to the fall, and that the iPhone 5 would be released this summer running a version of iOS 4.

Today, Apple announced the dates and information for their annual World Wide Develepors Conference this June. Apple's focus for WWDC this year will clearly be on software, and, unless they've got a big surprise up their sleeve, we probably won't see the iPhone 5 launch during the expected time frame...

iOS 5 Pushed Back to the Fall, Preview at WWDC

Some news has surfaced concerning iOS 5 and Apple's roadmap for the coming year. According to M.G. Siegler of TechCrunch, Apple is going to push back the release of iOS 5.0 to this fall, and the iPhone 5 will launch with a version of iOS 4.x.

Speculation has been that Apple would hold a media event next month for an iOS 5 preview and MobileMe revamp, but TechCrunch's sources claim otherwise...

Rumor: Revamped MobileMe Launching Next Month

Remember when we all signs were pointing to a MobileMe revamp at Apple's last event? The iPad 2 ended up stealing the show, and MobileMe wasn't addressed at all.

Apple has stopped selling MobileMe at their retail stores, and you can only sign up for the 60-day free trial online. Because there is no current way to actually pay for MobileMe, it makes sense that Apple is about to do something significant to their cloud-based sync/storage solution.

According to an inside source, Apple will launch a new, free version of MobileMe in April...

More Details From Today’s Apple Event: Steve Jobs, iOS, and MobileMe

It's been a busy day for Apple. The iPad 2 has been announced, and Apple is set to take the tablet market by storm again.

During Apple's keynote this morning, lot's of great announcements were made. There were some expected details, some curveballs, and several rumors were left unanswered.

Let's take a look at some components of today's keynote. Perhaps even more interesting are the topics left unaddressed by Apple...

iPad 2, iOS 5, MobileMe, and Steve Jobs: What to Expect From Tomorrow’s Apple Event

Apple will be holding an iPad-centric event tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center in San Fransisco, California. Honestly, that's all anyone knows at this point.

In the calm before the storm, speculation based on rumors based on leaks are all there is to go on. There's a good chance that Apple will address other products like MobileMe.

General consensus is that we'll also see a preview of iOS 5.0. An iOS 5 tease wouldn't be a stretch, especially with the probable release of the iPhone 5 this June.

Apple iPad Event to Take Place on March 2nd

Apple will be holding a press event next week at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Fransisco. The event is supposed to be focused on the iPad 2.

There have been reports that Apple's iPad announcement would be delayed, but multiple sources (including Apple) have recently confirmed that Apple will in fact hold an event next Wednesday.

Not much information has been leaked about the approaching Apple event besides specs for the next version of the iPad. Apple might update iOS as well, but there is no hard evidence to support that claim.

Apple to Announce iPhone 5 on June 5?

Will Apple announce the iPhone 5 - or whatever its name will be - on June 5? That's what this screenshot taken from the Moscone Center website reveals with the usual "Corporate Meeting" placeholder. Historically, Apple has always held its iPhone announcement in early June, so there is no reason for that to change.

The only oddity is that the event supposedly would start on a Sunday, whereas iPhone announcements happened on Mondays in the past...