How to use Express Transit to quickly pay for rides via Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

Thanks to the Express Transit feature that's available through Apple Pay, you can hop on the tube, buses, trams, light rail and overground rail in major cities and pay for your public transit journeys just by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the contactless NFC terminal, no need to press any buttons or verify with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode whatsoever.

NFCWriter X lets hobbyists and tinkerers unlock the iPhone’s full NFC potential

Just over a year ago, iOS developer Elias Limneos announced a ground-breaking jailbreak tweak called NFCWriter that enabled iPhone users to tap into the full potential of the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip embedded within their handset. This week, Limneos continues that fun with NFCWriter X for iOS, which can only be described as the latest iteration of the tweak.

NFCWriter X for iOS is intended for advanced users and tinkerers with an interest in playing around with NFC tags, Credit/Debit Cards, MRTD documents, and more directly from your iPhone. Nearly anything with NFC support can be tinkered with by NFCWriter X for iOS.

NFCWriter tweak unlocks your iPhone NFC capabilities

At the beginning of May, iOS developer Limneos started tinkering with the iPhone’s NFC chip to allow it talk to third-party NFC tags and accessories that Apple has never allowed its system to talk to before.

At the time, it was just a work in progress and a proof of concept, but Limneos has officially released a new jailbreak tweak in Cydia dubbed NFCWriter that unlocks the full potential of your NFC chip for everyone. It's the first time that the chip has been hacked to this extent, and it opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

iPhone hacked by jailbreak developer to interact with NFC devices

iPhones have come equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology since the iPhone 6 launched in 2014. NFC's primary use in the iPhone is for Apple Pay and allows contactless payments via supported merchants at the point of sale.

On the other hand, well-known jailbreak developer Elias Limneos was tinkering with iPhone NFC on his spare time and managed to hack it to work in ways that are typically locked off by Apple out of the box.

Leaked packaging confirms ‘iPhone SE’ name, 16GB baseline model and NFC for Apple Pay

Thursday, a photo of what appears to be Chinese packaging for Apple's upcoming four-inch iPhone refresh was posted on Chinese social network Weibo.

The image allegedly shows the specifications sticker affixed to the box for the upcoming device while specifically mentioning 'iPhone SE' branding.

The '16GB' label on the sticker suggests that the iPhone SE will start out at sixteen gigabytes of storage, just like current iPhone models do. Additionally, the technical specifications section mentions Apple Pay compatibility, meaning the iPhone SE will include NFC, like previously suspected.