iOS 4

Major Security Hole Found in iPhone iOS 4

A pretty major security hole has been found in iOS 4 for iPhone. This flaw lets you access the contacts of a password protected iPhone. No hack or technical skills needed.

On a password protected iPhone, tap the “Emergency Call” button then enter ###. Tap the Call button and immediately hit the Lock button. It will open your iPhone Contacts app from which you’ll be able to browse, edit, email, any contact.

Watch this Brazilian dude demonstrating the security flaw in action…

SSH Alternative to FontSwap for iOS 4

FontSwap has been one of my favorite reasons for jailbreaking, but it isn’t fully compatible with iOS 4.0. It works if you change the Notes or Lockscreen font, but that’s about it. It seemed like there was hope for an updated FontSwap, but the post from Guarav, the author, is now 3 months old. That’s an eternity in iPhone-time.

So what’s a jailbreaker to do? If you are comfortable using SSH or iFile there is a solution, thanks to They have a list of iOS 4 compatible fonts and also instructions on how/where to install it…

A Collection of Water Droplet iPhone Wallpapers

Do you remember the day? It was the Stevenote of June 7th, 2010. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the day that Apple unveiled iOS 4 for the iPhone. Every Apple geek was brimming with excitement as the first, official look at Apple’s new software on the iPhone 4’s mind-blowing retina display.
That beautiful water droplet wallpaper on Steve Job’s iPhone 4 made every wallpaper geek drool. Apparently, Apple’s pre-installed wallpaper on the iPhone 4 has inspired some designers out there to create more amazing water droplet wallpapers for your iPhones. I have collected three of the best water droplet wallpapers for the iPhone…

Apple Patents MagSafe Power Connector for iOS Devices

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an interesting continuation patent application from Apple yesterday. Apple’s patent says, “the connector 62 may be a power connector such as the MagSafe power connector manufactured by Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. The MagSafe power connector utilizes a magnetic attraction to help retain a corresponding connector thereto.”

Plenty of speculation could be made about what MagSafe charging means for iOS devices…

Apple’s iOS Gets Cloned onto an HTC Device

iOS is a wonderful operating system in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I think that other phones should necessarily run the Apple created software. Apparently a certain HTC owner didn’t think the same because it appears that the OS has been successfully been morphed over another platform.

9 to 5 Mac has the story and it appears the device runs the operating system like an iPhone 3G running 4.0.

iOS 4 vs iOS 4.1 – Guess Who Wins

It was bad enough that many of the exciting features that accompanied iOS 4 weren’t going to be added to the iPhone 3G. It was a whole different debacle when we reported that the device was basically crippled in many instances after making the upgrade.
According to a demo by Life Hacker, iOS 4.1 works much smoother on the 2 year old device than the previous version. The site notes the following regarding their little experiment:

Lock Your iPhone Screen in Landscape Mode

Like many people, I was happy with the release of iOS4. It introduced rotation lock, an awesome feature that locks the rotation of your screen in portrait. Unfortunately, this new rotation lock feature is a little less awesome because it only supports portrait mode.

The good news is there’s a brand new application in the Cydia Store that changes the default behavior to include landscape support, Landscape Rotation Lock.

Try These Sites If You’re Having Issues With JailbreakMe

I usually leave it up to Sebastien to provide our loyal readers with the jailbreak information but I’ll take the reigns this time. PMP Today has posted a couple of alternative sites for those wishing to jailbreak their iPhone after individuals claimed they were having difficulties performing the hack with JailbreakMe.

If you’re among those experiencing troubles with the self titled URL, it is recommended that you try using or accessing the Canadian site of to perform the process. If none of those work for you, you can always try what iDB reader Joe suggested by visiting from your iPhone.

Movies Rented on The iPhone 4 Can’t Be Transferred Back to iTunes

iLounge reveals a bit of discerning information that took a mysterious amount of time to surface. It turns out that the iPhone 4 shares the same limitations as the iPad and the Apple TV in regards to being unable to transfer rented movies back to your iTunes library.

The ability to move rentals had never been a problem before when renting on previous iPhone models. An excerpt from the iPhone iOS 4 User Guide briefly mentions the limitation on page 99, and it reads as such:

Naturespace for iPhone Gets iOS 4 Update

With all the predictable and monotonous apps that flood the charts in the App Store, I am pleased to report that Naturespace Holographic Audio has been updated for iOS 4. Those who are unaware of Naturespace and its mesmerizing abilities ought not sleep on this gem any longer. Whether your a Buddhist or just need to free your mind, you will happy with the content you’re rewarded with.

It works by using binaural techniques which means having two microphones spaced the same distance as your ears are apart. Using your best pair of earphones your body will be overtaken with a complete state of zen…

How to Downgrade iPhone 4.0.2 to 4.0.1

This step by step guide will show you how to downgrade your iPhone iOS 4.0.2 to iOS 4.0.1. These steps are pretty simple but there is one major requirement: you must have your SHSH files saved on Saurik’s server. There is absolutely no way around it. If you don’t have your SHSH, you won’t be able to downgrade your iPhone.

In this tutorial, we will see how to downgrade the iPhone from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 but the steps are the same if you want to downgrade to iOS 4 or even 3.1.3.

There are several methods used to downgrade the iPhone. We will learn the method that uses TinyUmbrella. No file editing will be necessary.
How to Downgrade from iOS 4.0.2 to 4.0.1
Step 1: Let’s download your SHSH blobs from Saurik’s server to your computer. To do so, download TinyUmbrella and plug your iPhone in. Select the “Advanced Options” box. Also select the firmware version to which you wish to downgrade. Finally, select “Cydia” under “Request From”. Then hit “Save My SHSH”. This will grab your SHSH files from Saurik’s servers and save them on your computer.

Step 2: Download the firmware to which you wish to downgrade to from our iPhone downloads section. Save it to your desktop.

Step 3: Put your iPhone in DFU Mode. To do so, launch iTunes and plug your iPhone in. Press and hold the Home and Power button together for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the Power button while still holding the Home button until iTunes pops up and says it has found an iPhone in recovery Mode.

Step 4: Run TinyUmbrellaand click the “Display SHSHs” button to make sure your SHSH blobs were downloaded to your computer. Once done, click “Start TSS Server”.

Step 5: Now we’re going to restore to the firmware you want. To do so, launch iTunes and plug your iPhone in. Hold to SHIFT key (Windows only) or ALT/Option key (Mac only) while clicking on Restore. Make sure you hold the key while clicking Restore. A window will open. Simply select the firmware you downloaded in step 2.

Step 6: Your iPhone will start the restore process. You will most likely get several errors (error 1011, 1013, and 1015) but that’s ok, don’t worry about those.

Step 7: Finally, we need to get your iPhone out of recovery mode. To do so, simply click “Kick Device Out of Recovery” in TinyUmbrella.


You should now be back on a previous iOS, giving you the ability to jailbreak and unlock.

iOS 4 Jailbreak Won’t Be Called Spirit

We’ve all been waiting for a while for the new jailbreak for iOS 4 and it sure seems we are on the right track. I know many of you are very anxious for the tool to be released but I’m not. I really want my jailbreak back too but I want it stable and bug free, which is why it hasn’t been released yet.

We’ve all been thinking the new jailbreak will just be an update to Spirit, and we all assumed the name of the tool would be Spirit 2 or something along these lines. Today a little bird tells me the new jailbreak for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 will not be called Spirit.

Now don’t ask me what it’s going to be because I don’t know. iPhone hacker iH8Sn0w joked that the new jailbreak would include “pie” in its name but this is not true.

Just for the fun of it, what do you think it should be called? Sn0wSt0rm? Blu3Thund3r? UltraDr1zzle?