Naturespace for iPhone Gets iOS 4 Update

With all the predictable and monotonous apps that flood the charts in the App Store, I am pleased to report that Naturespace Holographic Audio has been updated for iOS 4. Those who are unaware of┬áNaturespace and its mesmerizing abilities ought not sleep on this gem any longer. Whether your a Buddhist or just need to free your mind, you will happy with the content you’re rewarded with.

It works by using binaural techniques which means having two microphones spaced the same distance as your ears are apart. Using your best pair of earphones your body will be overtaken with a complete state of zen…While listening with headphones on, you will notice that intricate elements of individual environments will brilliantly compliment each other separately. Feel free to leave the application while you relax in your trance because the updated version supports multitasking admirably. That being said I would suggest dimming the lights and burning your favorite incense as you drift away with the melodic nature hymns.

Naturespace is both free of cost and free of ads so there is no excuse to miss out on the experience. Six preloaded scenes are included and there are more available through in app purchases. After you’ve enjoyed the app, let us know you liked it in the den of consciousness known as the comment box.